Monday, April 14, 2014

6 Months Serving In The Lord's Army!!!

Dear family,

First off I can not believe that this Wednesday will mark 6 months out
in the mission field! I feel like I just arrived here yesterday! I
still feel like I have no clue how to do missionary work or how to
teach or speak by the Spirit. It's crazy to think that I am 1/3 done!
But so far I have loved being here. I don't want to say I've loved
every minute cause missionary work is really hard. I have definitely
been learning to accept disappointment but to still be strong and
press on. If anything I am learning so much about how important and
vital this gospel is. How vital baptism and confirmation are to being
able to live with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and our families
again. The only way we can live together as eternal families is by
keeping covenants and having the blessings of sealing which can only be
done in temples by someone who has that authority! I know how bad I
want to be with my family and extended family forever that I can
imagine how bad everyone in the world wants to be with theirs. It is a
common belief that we will be together forever with our families but
it doesn't come that simply. It has to come by the sealing power found
in God's temples along with other covenants. Just like it says in James
2:20, "Faith without works is dead". We can have all the faith
something can or will happen or in something but nothing happens until
we act. Until we make a choice and act on that, only then can we
receive the blessings that God has to share with us.

This week has been pretty good. On Thursday we were able to set one of
our investigators with the baptism date of April 27th! She has been a
cage fighter, comic book artist, and a chef. She also was recently
diagnosed with multiple sclerosis so I understand a little bit about
what she is dealing with because of my mom, but that in no place means
I know what she's going through because I don't. We are really excited
for the miracle that has happened! That she is willing to make the
changes needed in her life to come closer to Christ and take that
step, that action, to gain those blessings!

Saturday night was transfer calls and......................we didn't
get one! A few days earlier. President emailed us both saying, "Great
work! You have really developed the work in the Claremont 2nd ward. I
am very impressed with you and Sister M." (Of course he
replaces Sister M's name with mine in her email.) it is so
cool that he is proud of the work we are doing but there is still so
much more we could be doing! I am so happy to be staying in this area
because I love it so much! It is hard but I love it! This ward is
amazing and they are so helpful and kind and so strong in the gospel.
They understand it and are on top of things! I also am so excited to
still be with Sister M. for our third transfer together! We
get along really well and we're pretty much best friends! When members
were asking about transfers they all mentioned how sad it would be if
they split us up! We would've cried so bad if they did! But they
didn't so now we're happy! So thankful The Lord is keeping us

Sunday the church released an awesome new Mormon message/video for the
Easter Season. You can find it on YouTube by typing in Because of might need to add Mormon message or something I don't know
cause we can't access YouTube. But it is also on GO WATCH IT!!!!!!!!!!!! We've watched it at
least 10 times already it's about 2 1/2 minutes and so worth your
time! It is amazing what we have been blessed with Becasue of Him. And
for you tech savvy people, #BecauseofHim on twitter or Facebook. The
church has purchased the space on YouTube to put the ad on there and
on other sites as well as on the YouTube masthead on YouTube on Easter
Sunday. Over 100 million people will view that video! I think it's a
genius idea! As missionaries we've been asked to share it with
everyone and on our Facebook. Go post it to all of your Facebooks and
share it with friends and family! And ask them what they have Because
of Him!

Because of Him, I can be with my family together after this life, I
can have the hope that this is not all we have and that there is
someone who loves me so much more than I can image who loves me and
always wants the best for me. Because of Him, I can receive peace and
a surety that all my mistakes are made clean and that I can be worthy
to be in the presence of my Heavenly Father. Because of Him, I don't
have to wonder and stress about what will happen after this life and
question it. Because of Him, I know who I am, I am a daughter of the
Most High and loved by Him. Because of Him, I can live again. Because
of Him, I am who I am today, I have the traits and qualities I have
learned from Him and strive to be like Him every day! Because of Him,
we have everything!

Love, Sister Riches

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