Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Working Hard in the Lords Army!


This was a pretty busy week again! 17 lessons. 7 of which were with
less actives! Sadly we were one or two away from the goals we had set
for the week. We are trying to work our way to 20 lessons a week.

Monday was fun then we taught our investigator  who doesn't
believe there's a god. Then we went and saw our recent convert 
and read from the Book of Mormon.

Tuesday we had the new missionary orientation. It was really good for
me to have a review of how we teach and things to focus on. President
and Sister Villanueva are so great! It was nice to talk to the other
missionaries there too. After the meeting they showed us the new bikes
the mission got a deal on...ELECTRIC BIKES! They're so awesome! They
can go 15 mph for 30 miles before having to be charged. There is a
battery on it and that comes off to charge. So cool! Especially
because of the hills here. The hill are not bad but bad enough to get
to the next place red and sweaty...not the best first impression. Also
if the battery runs out of life you can just pedal like a normal bike
or just use it as a normal bike. So I bought one. There is a brother
in the other ward who bought my old bike. So that's nice! Plus I can
take it home and use it around town and school! I'm so excited I
should have it by today or tomorrow! On the way home from the meeting
we rode the bus and talked to tons of people! Funny story! I began a
conversation with a man by asking about his 2 year old daughter and
then brought up church, family importance, Jesus Christ, and then what
does he do? Asks me if I want to go to the movies sometime! Second
almost third time I've been asked on a date while I've been out!! So
funny! I gave him a pass along card and told him as a missionary we
give up entertainment, work, school, all that to serve The Lord. He
then got off the bus. Way funny!!! The first time I got asked out was
a few weeks ago with Sister Thatcher when this old guy asked if we
wanted to go on a cruise with him! Then the almost time was earlier on
the bus Tuesday the guy was getting a nervous and saying stuff like
this is the last time I'll see you? Cause he lived in Azusa and I
don't serve there anymore...people are funny! I'm glad to know the
light of Christ does get noticed by all people. We taught our
investigator later that night about the Family Proclamation to
answer some of her questions. Oh yeah we got a new mission scripture.
D&C 4 and I almost have it memorized. They didn't ask us to memorize
it in the Mtc.

Wednesday we had a lot of lessons planned. We taught a few good
lessons! It was really hot too! I got burnt a few times this week
while wearing sunscreen but it comes off after walking around in the
heat. We taught 2 less active lessons, a member lessons, 2 member
present lessons then helped with family history at the church. Our
recent convert  got some family names she could take to the
temple on Saturday! It was so awesome how excited she got as they
found her family and pictures and records!

Thursday we had a good district meeting and then did some service
cleaning house for an older less active lady. Then contacted in the
village- the main part of Claremont where the theater is and shops and
we were able to contact 15 people! We got a return appointment with a
family! We are so excited to teach them! We also got a referral from a
member we ran into while we were walking around and are having dinner
with her and her friend tonight. We're pretty excited! We haven't
found any new investigators so we're excited for these potentials! We
then had a lesson with our recent convert  about individual worth
and that she is a daughter of God. It was awesome!

Friday we had weekly planning then exchanges. The exchange went well.
I stayed here and Sister Thatcher went to the other sisters area. We
did a little service and went to find new investigators.

Saturday we taught a few lessons and had a good lesson about the word
of wisdom with the family we are working with! It was awesome!  We had
a few more lessons too. Nothing too great or exciting to report there.

Sunday was good. I gave a talk about how I came out here on my
mission. I guess it was really good cause I had a lot of people
complement me afterwards. There was an elder coming home from his
mission and he gave his homecoming talk. His mom told me my talk made
her cry but not his. But it was fun to talk. I love this ward so
much!!! We had a few lessons after church that weren't very exciting,
kinda rough but those come. It was nothing we said but the people who
were there who weren't interested and had anti feelings.

But today has been good and this is going to be an awesome week! I
love being a missionary and I want to help everyone have the blessings
of the gospel! It's so sad some people don't understand that God loves
them and knows them! It's so sad! I was thinking about the elder who
came home and I don't want to go home. It makes me sad to think in
over half way through! I feel like I still have so much to do and to
help so many more people. I love being a missionary and working hard!

I love you all and am thankful for all your prayers and support!

Love, Sister Riches

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

By Small and Simple Things!

Hello Family and Friends!

First off this is later cause we didn't have power this morning so we
had to go to the church and we went to a paleontology museum today
with the elders. It was way fun! I love dinosaurs and that type of
stuff with fossils and rocks!

This week has been really good. We taught 17 lessons! It doesn't feel
like we taught that many, we had time where we could have taught more
and some cancelled. We're trying to get 20 a week now! There were a
lot of miracles this week too!

So let's see, on Monday we hung out with the elders at the church and
played card games and sports. It was good. Then we went street
contacting before our dinner appointment with our investigator
We contacted 11 people on the street and got three numbers
and addresses! It was great! Then our dinner with our investigator
went well. She's been reading the Book of Mormon and is still praying
to know if God exists. She had a lot of good questions about the tree
of life. We explained it to her and she told us where she thinks she
is and how she wants to taste of the fruit. She wants to know if God
is there so bad! She thinks he's going to give her a sign first. She
needs to test her faith in him and have real intent to get her answer
then act on it. Then we saw our recent convert and read the Book
of Mormon with her. She got her limited use temple recommend so she
can do baptisms for the dead this coming Saturday! We are so excited
for her! Then we ran to a members house where my bike has been for the
past week so we could meet another member there with a truck to take
us and my bike home. Sister Thatcher doesn't have a bike yet and it
takes a while to bike back to our place, hence the need of help from
the members to drive us and it home.

Tuesday was good. We street contacted 14 people and got more numbers
and gave our ours. It was one of our newer investigators birthdays
so we made her a cake, it looked really good, almost
professional! We then went to see a less active lady then another lady
in the ward then tried to see one of our investigators, she
wasn't home. Then we went contacting, had dinner then taught our
investigator . It was a good lesson. She really enjoyed church
and we talked about baptism more. Then we had a lesson with our recent
convert and she was going through a hard time so we tried
calming her down and reading with her, didn't help much.

Wednesday we street contacted 14 people again! We had lunch with our
new investigator who is staying with her aunt and uncle, members of
our ward. Their family is the best!  Their kids treat us
like we are celebrities! They're the cutest ever! Three girls and two
boys, all between 11 years to 4 months! Then we went to a "Meet the
President Meeting". It was combined with the Glendora zone so I got to
see Sister Mattingley. She's doing pretty good. Having fun in the YSA
ward! It was so nice though to meet the Villanueva's! Each child gave
a little presentation about themselves as did Sister and President
Villanueva. They have three kids, one girl who's the same age as Sara
and her birthday is November 16th! Then two sons, 15 and 17 I think.
They are a very nice family. Presidents first language is Spanish and
he says he doesn't know English very well but he does. That is one of
his biggest worries is the English language here. They told them
they'd be called to serve in a Spanish mission, our mission is 40%
Spanish. But it also has Chinese, Filipino, English, and I think some
others. But they are so great! Our district is going to hike Mount
Baldy with their family in a few weeks for p-day! It'll be nice to get
to know them better. I feel like he already knows me a little better
than President Becerra does. We did some contacting after and
contacted our referrals. It was good. Then we had a lesson with
another one of our investigators at a members house.  then we went 
with those members down the street to have dinner with their friends 
who like to feed the missionaries. It was a good dinner and after 
I tried to play hymns on their baby grand and I know that The Lord 
was helping me because I didn't make too many mistakes. Granted I 
played right hand but I was able to sing and play smoothly both parts 
on some songs I had never played before. Very cool!

On Thursday we were supposed to have the new missionary orientation
meeting but that got changed till tomorrow. So we had district meeting
and then Sister Thatcher worked on cleaning up her Facebook. Then we
went to try our investigator again since she wasn't home
earlier in the week and hasn't returned our calls. Still not home,
sadly. We tried to street contact instead then went to dinner and
after dinner we tried to park contact. I don't like park contacting.
It's kinda awkward. Then we went to our recent converts with her
visiting teacher. The lesson went well. We committed her to read 
the Book of Mormon everyday and be accountable to The Lord through 

Friday was a decent day. We weekly planned then taught our newer
investigator. We taught the restoration and it was Sister
Thatchers first time outside of the MTC teaching it. It wasn't the
best we could have done. We didn't do how to begin teaching and needed
to role play it more to know what type of questions to ask. But she's
been praying if Joseph Smith is a prophet and is waiting for an
answer, so that's good! We learned a lot about the importance of role
plays and how to begin teaching and how doing those things help
lessons go smoothly and the spirit to be there. We had dinner with a
sister and her two nonmember friends. It was such a good dinner and we
invited the friends to church to hear me speak next Sunday! They
seemed pretty open to coming. Pretty exciting! Then we went to teach
an investigator. It went well and we talked about the
importance of reading and praying. She's blind so she has the Book of
Mormon on CD and we were trying to find her a CD player cause she
hasn't been able to listen to it on her TV cause she doesn't have the
right cord but her son got her a new TV! So she can listen now!

Saturday was a good day. We had to finish some things with weekly
planning then we went to teach an investigator but he didn't
answer the door. So we went to see the Jewish man and his family.  
The wife's sister passed away that day and they were
notified 30 minutes before we dropped by. We comforted the wife
and talked about the beauty and hope of the plan of
salvation. She is so ready for her gospel but the husband is not ready
any time soon. The son is ready but he might not if his dad doesn't
join. It's confusing to teach them and help them cause they are each
so different!!! After that we went to the stake pioneer picnic where
I'm pretty sure we talked and found most of the nonmembers there. We
gave a few referrals because of that! Pretty cool. It was fun too!
Then we went to teach our investigator . We helped her memorize
2 Nephi 31:20. It was fun. We've been through the lessons with her
twice now as we wait for legal things before she can be baptized. But
she has such a strong knowledge and testimony. She's been reading and
enjoying it all so much! She wants us to give her a topic for her to
teach us! She also wants to come out with us and help us teach, she's
so sweet!

Sunday was a bit tough for me. I was feeling a little down although we
had miracles occurring right before my eyes. Satan did not like how
well and how faithful we were being. But a few weeks ago we went to
try by a headquarters referral. We got there and the lady answered the
door and flustered said she wasn't interested and then wasn't a good
time but thank you kindly. So we took that as she wasn't interested
which was weird since she referred herself. So on Saturday we were
updating our headquarter referrals online and it had her email address
so we decided to send her an email. Later that day, while we were at
the pioneer picnic, she called us saying she wants to go to church
Sunday and needs a ride. So we hooked her up with a ride and she came!
Her whole extended family are LDS but her dad is anti. Now that she's
living on her own she can make her own decision. So we are going to
meet with her later this week! She enjoyed church as well! Awesome
miracle right there! We need new investigators so bad! After church we
stayed at the building had a quick meeting with the ward mission
leader after everyone and their dog wanted to talk to us or needed us
- super stressful- then ate lunch then did some companion study as I
was stressed and feeling super overwhelmed for no real reason. But I
was. That eventually went away and things started to fall in place as
I recognized the miracles and tender mercies of the day. Then our
investigator came to see a baptism the elders had. The spirit
there was so strong! They baptized a lady and her daughter. The lady
stopped the elders on the street and she is friends with a less active
in our ward who gave us the referral and little did we know the elders
were actually teaching her. Crazy! After the baptism we went to teach
the man that wasn't home Saturday. It was a really good lesson
about the 10 commandments. He doesn't like how much emphasis we put on
the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. So we wanted to show him the 10
commandments are in the Book of Mormon as well because how important
they are. We explained to him how the Book of Mormon is the keystone
to our religion. That is why we put a lot of emphasis on it. He
understood a little more and we promised him blessings and committed
him to read daily and pray about it. Then we went to dinner and then
another lesson with our newer investigator, the members niece.
This time it went really well. We taught the Book of Mormon
and how that can help her know if Joseph Smith is a prophet. Then we
went to teach a less active and his family. His kids come to church
every Sunday and this Friday his daughter turns 8! His older
son just was ordained a priest and can baptize her! So after
church the kids came and asked us if we could come over and teach them
a lesson. It was so cute! The little girl grabbed onto Sister
Thatcher's arms and begged her and puppy dog eyed her. It was perfect!
We've been wanting to go teach them for a while now! It was great! We
taught about baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost and talked to
their dad about church and his work schedule. It was a good day!

Sorry this is a long email. But I hope you all enjoy it. I love being a
missionary! My favorite part is when people accept the message and
they have a certain light about them, you can see the difference once
they've accepted and desire to learn more! It's amazing the difference
the restored gospel makes in people's life! I love it! I love sharing
it with others! Every invite is a success and it's amazing when that
invite turns into an action where the individual wants to learn and
progress! It's the small things that bring me joy, like the light in
someone, a referral, getting an unexpected ride, getting a seemingly
impossible lesson to happen, getting an unexpected treat from members,
and many other small things. I love this gospel and I am so thankful
The Lord has chosen me to be an instrument in His hands to share with
others what has brought me the most joy and happiness. I know this
gospel is true and that Jesus Christ is our Savior. I know the
Atonement is real and I am so thankful for it! I would not be who am I
and where I am without my Savior and His Atonement for each of us!

Love, Sister Riches

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

9 Months Serving in God's Army!!!

Hi everyone!

It's crazy how much I have learned this week and all the miracles we
have seen and blessings! We are working hard here in Claremont!

I love being a trainer! It's so great! I think I'm learning more from
her than she is from me! She is so prepared and doesn't even need
training! So on Tuesday I was with some sisters in Glendora until I
had to go to Arcadia to pick up my trainee. A member from my ward
drove me over there. There were 20 new missionaries and only 4
sisters, 2 Spanish  and 2 English! We had a trainers meeting before
and it is so cool that we were chosen to be the trainers. They choose
trainers before they do anything else with transfers! The meeting was
nice, I had some good nerves going! Eventually we went into the room
where the trainees were and there at the front were four sisters! I
saw one who had blonde hair and had a white blouse and orange scarf
on, I knew that she would be my companion! She turned around after we
had sat down in the back. She smiled then as she was turning forward
again I saw that she was so nervous and scared! I instantly felt so
much love for her and began praying that she would have her nerves
calmed and that she would be able to overcome her challenges. They put
the Spanish missionaries together first. Trainer then trainee. Then
with English they did it backwards. Trainee then trainer. So when the
sister with the orange scarf got up -she got called before the other
English sister- they called my name to be her trainer! I was so happy!
So my companions name is Sister Thatcher from Holiday, Utah from the
Valley View 10th ward. She just turned 19 in June and is so on fire!
She is so dedicated and hard working! I love her! So we then heard
from President Villanueva. His spirit is so powerful! I'm so excited
to work with him more! We drove home and our ward mission leaders
family took us out to dinner then we went to teach our investigator. 
We had a brief companion study so I could update her on our
investigator and what we would be teaching. Earlier that day I was
praying she would be able to share an awesome experience she has had
with temple sealings and she did! I didn't tell her that in our study
either. It's amazing how the spirit guides us and our lessons to fit
the needs of our investigators!

Wednesday we taught a couple lessons but had a long time where I
explained to her to all our investigators and people we work with. It
was good. She has such a love for all these people but she hasn't even
met them yet! Well that day she hadn't, she has now, for the most
part. We wanted to see some of our investigators but they weren't
answering so I asked Sister Thatcher where we should go and she said
she felt like we needed to go contact some of our referrals so we
walked down to a bus to go contact some referrals we haven't gotten a
hold of from headquarters and at the bus stop we started talking to a
lady and she told us how her brother is Mormon and she went to a
Christmas play and right after was a baptism and she said she felt
happy there and we talked a little more and tried to get her number so
we could see her again but she didn't have a phone and we had to get
off the bus so hopefully we will run into her again. We left her with
our number and a gospel of Jesus Christ pamphlet. She was the reason
we needed to contact the referrals. They weren't home. But we found a
potential the elders would see a lot and had a lesson on his porch. He
also gave us a referral. So it was a good day! We also taught our
recent convert.

Thursday was district meeting. It was all about commitments and
following up. Which I need to work on! Then we taught good lessons! We
set a baptism date with one of our investigators who we just picked up
again a few weeks ago. It is a goal that we are working towards,
August 16th! One of her concerns was not to be pushed and that she
wanted to come to church to check it out also. So we set it up so she
could come to church. Later that week we introduced her to the member
who would drive her to church and talked about what to expect. And!
She came to church! She really enjoyed it too and the relief society
topic was baptism! Perfect! We also taught another investigator of
ours and focused on priesthood authority. It left her a lot to pray
about. We were lovingly bold! That night we had a relief society
activity that was fun then went out to contact some more.

Friday was a long weekly planning being Sister Thatcher's first one.
It was good though! We set some good goals! We taught a few less
actives and that went well. That night we had a ward picnic in the
park and Sister Thatcher was able to meet the ward. It was great!
There were a few nonmembers there and we were able to get closer with
the young women and activity day girls.

Saturday we taught 6 lessons! It was a good day! We picked up a new
investigator . One of the members in the ward has their niece
staying with them and when she stayed with them in the past the elders
taught her. She is turning 14 today! Sister Thatcher connected with
her so well! Later that night we taught another one of our
investigators  about the importance of reading daily. She loved
it! Then we went to see our recent convert and talk about the temple!
They're planning a temple trip in a few weeks that we hope she can go
to! She is so excited to go! In her own words she is excited to go to
help those who are lost on huge other side! It's so amazing!

Sunday was good. We had 5 investigators at church!!! We taught a
couple lessons. We had a really spiritual lesson with the Jewish man
and his family. We testified about Jesus Christ and who he is to us.
It went really well. He is still having a hard time accepting Jesus
Christ. Which makes things difficult.

Overall it was a really great week! I love Sister Thatcher and all that
she is teaching me! Thank you all for your love and support! I love
this gospel and I am so thankful for my Savior Jesus Christ and all
that He has done for me! I know He loves each and very one of us and
is always there to help us though our challenges!

Love, Sister Riches

Monday, July 7, 2014

Tea Bags, Tesla, Transfers, and Training!?

Hello All!

This has been a slow week due to the holiday. But it's been a good
week. I'll write some of the highlights and explain my email title.

Monday was a good day. Fun day with the other missionaries. We played
games at the stake center and some of the elders decided to lasso each
other. Pretty crazy and immature but kinda entertaining to watch! We
had a dinner with our investigator  and her friend who's a
member . It went really well. We taught her about the
Book of Mormon and bore strong testimony of it.

Tuesday we tried to find new investigators. We didn't have any luck
but we talked to a few people. They didn't show much potential but
maybe someday. Later that night we taught our investigator  and
then our recent convert . The first presidency recently changed
how new member lessons were to be taught which makes sense because
that's what we've been doing anyway. It's hard to have the members
meet with the new members weekly to give them a lesson. So we just
take members with us and we teach them. We did a more relaxed fun
lesson with both our investigator and recent convert. It's a lesson
about faith. You take a tea bag, it has to be a special tea bag
though, and empty the herbs or whatever and then stand the bag up on
the persons hand. It looks like a column. Then you read ether 12:6.
Talk about what faith is etc. then ask if they have faith. Let them
know you won't hurt them but they need to have faith to keep the bag
on their hand. Then you light the top on fire. It burns down the bag
and at the very last minute it lifts into the air and finishes burning
in the air instead of your hand. Our investigator loved it but our
recent convert blew it off! It was pretty funny. It just turns to
ashes so it's safe to do inside...as far as I've done.

On Wednesday we tried again to find new investigators. But we talked
to people and that has been hard for us to do recently, to talk to
everyone we see and bring up the gospel...I know silly right? We're
missionaries that's what we do and that's what they know we do- most
the time. We did have a good lesson with one of our investigators
(Shawn). We recently found her and so we are still in the beginnings
of her teaching. We taught the plan of salvation and she agreed and
liked it. The challenge with her is helping her see this is the truth
and the blessing that come from being baptized by the proper authority
and helping her know this is the true church.

Thursday we had zone meeting. It went well, all about finding new
investigators! That's what we are all struggling with! In Preach my
Gospel it says, nothing can happen in missionary work until you find
people to teach. It is huge!! An apostle said recently that it is the
members responsibility to find and missionaries responsibility to
teach. If we had just five members find us one person to teach, that'd
make our job as missionaries so much easier! But finding the elect
isn't easy. So after zone meeting we went to do service at the
hospital. We were waiting at the bus stop and met a lady. She was so
sweet! We started talking about her work and she sat down next to us.
Then we got into talking about how we were missionaries and what we
do. Another lady sat down and knew a lot about missionaries, looking
back I feel so bad we didn't get her information too! She got off the
bus before we could. But with the first lady, she told us she had a
friend who was a member and had the sisters come over. She sat with
them a few times. Her husband is atheist so she didn't pursue any
further. She had a Book of Mormon and she asked how it is different
from the bible. We gave her one and told her to read the introduction.
She read the first few paragraphs of the introduction and she
understood. She asked if she could keep the book and admitted she had
thrown the other one away a while ago, before she said it was just
collecting dust somewhere. After we said she could have it a lady in a
jeep pulled up to the bus stop and asked if we wanted some cold water.
She was passing it out for free. The lady we were talking to was so
happy! She was just thinking how thirsty she was and how hot it was!
She connected it back because she had the Book of Mormon. It was her
"lucky charm!" We then got on the bus together and we were able to get
her number and her permission to call her and answer more of her
questions! It was awesome! I love moments like that as a missionary.
It makes everything worth it to find one who is sincerely seeking and
interested. Sad part, she doesn't live in our area, let alone mission.
But that's okay.

Thursday night was pretty special too. One of the young men from the
ward just became an elder and is leaving on his mission soon. He
hasn't got his call yet but the family is like my family away from
home and he's like a little brother to me. He and his mom came with us
to teach our recent convert . We asked him to help us teach. He
taught about the priesthood and his experience with that. He did so
great! He is so kind to her and understanding! It was awesome to see.

Friday we didn't do much. It was our weekly planning day and no one
answered our calls to set up appointments for the day. We went to
dinner at a members home with the elders in the 1st ward. It was a fun
time. One of the members that was there had a Tesla! He offered to
take us for a ride so we and a set of elders went up the mountain a
little ways. I guess we went about 100 mph! It was fun though, I
didn't even notice how fast we went because how smooth a ride it was!
All electric! But super expensive! Put it on my wish list for when
I'll never be a millionaire! On our way bike ride home we saw the
fireworks above the trees. So I did get to see fireworks!

Saturday was good. We taught a few lessons and technically got a new
investigator but the couple isn't interested in converting but they
want to feed us. They did this with missionaries in the past. Then at
night we got...a transfer call! The Assistant was talking to sister
M and he then told her, well Sis. Riches..wait this is sis.
M right? She said yeah, so he started again.. Sis. M
after careful prayer and consideration you are being transferred to
the Glendora YSA ward. They talked a little more then he asked for
me... He small talked a little then said Sis. Riches after careful
prayer and consideration you have been called to be a trainer! We are
so excited for you!! He really did sound super excited...I was first
in shock my best friend was being moved but that was expected one of
us would leave but to train...I'm nervous! It'll be okay though! We
hung up and of course we cried! It still doesn't feel like things are
changing and I'm not with her anymore!

Sunday was a day full of running around saying bye and getting
pictures. My trainer Sister S is going home tomorrow! Sadly
we weren't able to go to her farewell. But I'll see her again. Plus it
was better to say bye to people.

Well today has been full of running around and packing and being
exhausted! Transfer days are terrible if you or someone is getting

I love you all and I love hearing from you via email or letters! I may
not always be able to write back but I love hearing from you! I pray
for you all and hope all is well! I know this is The Lords work and
this is what He wants me to be doing right now!

Love, Sister Riches

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Let Your Light So Shine!

Hello family and friends!

This has been a pretty good week. We taught a total of 16 lessons! But
we really need to find new investigators who are ready to progress.
This gospel is so important and people don't understand how important
it is to read the scriptures, pray, and come to church. A few get
that. But those simple things are our protection from Satan and as we
do them we will be fortified when the winds of trial and temptation

On Monday we had a good time with the other missionaries at the
Glendora Stake Center. Greece was about 30 some missionaries there. We
played a huge game of volleyball. The LaVerne Zone against the
Glendora Zone. We later taught a lesson to an investigator and a less
active. They both went well.

Tuesday was a good day. Lots of lessons, we taught 5 lessons. They all
went well, nothing to exciting to report. With one of our
investigators  we went though the baptism interview questions
and she is so excited to be baptized! But she has to work on a few
things first. She has such a strong testimony and sucks up the
knowledge of the gospel!

Wednesday we did service at the Pomona hospital and later we had
dinner with some of the ward missionaries . They are so
sweet! We ended up stopping by their friends house after and she let
us right in. She and her husband would have the missionaries over a
lot until their son passed away and then it made things hard. Their
son was a member. She was so sweet. They have a room full of musical
instrument. They have a baby grand and so Sister M played the
piano while we sang hymns - we being the lady and me. She knew a few
of them which was cool. She had a hymn book and one for the piano that
spirals out. She showed us around the house and she collects all sorts
of things. She collects tea sets and has a few sets of the really
nice, pretty blue tea sets from England. I love those sets! They are
so pretty! And guess what!? She ended up giving us a starter set, a
spoon, knife, and two plates and a tea cup! She's so sweet!! She said
she wants to be baptized in the Newport temple font and she
understands she can't but can do baptisms for the dead there. She
knows a lot and all her friends call her a catholic Mormon. Pretty

Thursday we had a combined district meeting...there are only two
districts in our zone so it was a zone meeting taught by the district
leaders...pretty much. It was the weirdest district meeting I've ever
been to. We then had the APs come and they had us download a new thing
onto our iPads so that president will get a notification every time we
try to go to a restricted place. We had to delete all our apps and
when you delete gospel library all the things you've downloaded are
deleted too...so I had finally downloaded all the videos I wanted and
now I have to download them again. Good thing it didn't take too long.
But we taught another one of our investigators  and she is so
excited to read from the Book of Mormon because she didn't know there
was another testament of Christ and finds it so intriguing! It's
awesome! We then did some service to help pack a moving truck for a
family that moved to Utah and then saw our recent convert  and
had a fun lesson with her. Dad and mom you remember the lesson where
you make one rip out of a piece of paper and get a cross? Well we did
that and taught about missionary work and gave her a Book of Mormon to
give out. She's so excited!

On Friday it was a long long day of weekly planning. And of everyone
canceling on us and not being home. It was a long day.

On Saturday we had a good day! We taught 4 lessons. They all went
well. It was a hot day! We had the lessons all spread apart so finding
people in between made for a long day. We got ice cream from the ice
cream truck so that was fun! But all our lessons went well. We taught
one of our investigators  about missionary work and did the
same thing about giving her a Book of Mormon. The next day at church
she asked if she could write in the Book of Mormon- her copy- we said
of course and she said oh good! Opened it up and showed us all the
notes she made in it studying form it the night before! It's awesome!

Sunday went well. We were so blessed. We needed 3 more member present
lessons to reach our goals for lessons if the week and we had a lesson
with one of our investigators  where he asked us to teach about
baptism. So we taught the gospel of Jesus Christ. Then we had a fun
dinner. The kids were so cute and so excited to have us over. Then we
went by another investigator we haven't seen in a while and she was
just about to leave so we went with two young women to the Jewish
investigators home and his family. We were supposed to meet a man from
another ward at their house who converted from Judaism. The family
told us to reschedule with him for next week. So we called and left
him a message and when we arrived he was there. But he had been
talking with the family for about an hour before we got there and then
he stayed after our lesson as well. But after that we had one hour
till curfew and needed one more member present lesson. So we called
another investigator and she answered and agreed to have us
come over. It was the best lesson we have ever had with her. She felt
the spirit so strong and began tearing up. She said she never tears up
but she is just so thankful that we love her and care about her. It
was sweet! She is so nice! It was such a tender mercy that we were
able to meet with her because her schedule is always so busy!

So that's my week! Some good lessons and awesome tender mercies. I
know that God loves each and every one of us and as we act in faith we
will be able to grow closer to Him. I love this gospel and being a
missionary. Do something this week where people can recognize that you
are a disciple of Christ. Matthew 5:13-16.

Love, Sister Riches