Tuesday, July 15, 2014

9 Months Serving in God's Army!!!

Hi everyone!

It's crazy how much I have learned this week and all the miracles we
have seen and blessings! We are working hard here in Claremont!

I love being a trainer! It's so great! I think I'm learning more from
her than she is from me! She is so prepared and doesn't even need
training! So on Tuesday I was with some sisters in Glendora until I
had to go to Arcadia to pick up my trainee. A member from my ward
drove me over there. There were 20 new missionaries and only 4
sisters, 2 Spanish  and 2 English! We had a trainers meeting before
and it is so cool that we were chosen to be the trainers. They choose
trainers before they do anything else with transfers! The meeting was
nice, I had some good nerves going! Eventually we went into the room
where the trainees were and there at the front were four sisters! I
saw one who had blonde hair and had a white blouse and orange scarf
on, I knew that she would be my companion! She turned around after we
had sat down in the back. She smiled then as she was turning forward
again I saw that she was so nervous and scared! I instantly felt so
much love for her and began praying that she would have her nerves
calmed and that she would be able to overcome her challenges. They put
the Spanish missionaries together first. Trainer then trainee. Then
with English they did it backwards. Trainee then trainer. So when the
sister with the orange scarf got up -she got called before the other
English sister- they called my name to be her trainer! I was so happy!
So my companions name is Sister Thatcher from Holiday, Utah from the
Valley View 10th ward. She just turned 19 in June and is so on fire!
She is so dedicated and hard working! I love her! So we then heard
from President Villanueva. His spirit is so powerful! I'm so excited
to work with him more! We drove home and our ward mission leaders
family took us out to dinner then we went to teach our investigator. 
We had a brief companion study so I could update her on our
investigator and what we would be teaching. Earlier that day I was
praying she would be able to share an awesome experience she has had
with temple sealings and she did! I didn't tell her that in our study
either. It's amazing how the spirit guides us and our lessons to fit
the needs of our investigators!

Wednesday we taught a couple lessons but had a long time where I
explained to her to all our investigators and people we work with. It
was good. She has such a love for all these people but she hasn't even
met them yet! Well that day she hadn't, she has now, for the most
part. We wanted to see some of our investigators but they weren't
answering so I asked Sister Thatcher where we should go and she said
she felt like we needed to go contact some of our referrals so we
walked down to a bus to go contact some referrals we haven't gotten a
hold of from headquarters and at the bus stop we started talking to a
lady and she told us how her brother is Mormon and she went to a
Christmas play and right after was a baptism and she said she felt
happy there and we talked a little more and tried to get her number so
we could see her again but she didn't have a phone and we had to get
off the bus so hopefully we will run into her again. We left her with
our number and a gospel of Jesus Christ pamphlet. She was the reason
we needed to contact the referrals. They weren't home. But we found a
potential the elders would see a lot and had a lesson on his porch. He
also gave us a referral. So it was a good day! We also taught our
recent convert.

Thursday was district meeting. It was all about commitments and
following up. Which I need to work on! Then we taught good lessons! We
set a baptism date with one of our investigators who we just picked up
again a few weeks ago. It is a goal that we are working towards,
August 16th! One of her concerns was not to be pushed and that she
wanted to come to church to check it out also. So we set it up so she
could come to church. Later that week we introduced her to the member
who would drive her to church and talked about what to expect. And!
She came to church! She really enjoyed it too and the relief society
topic was baptism! Perfect! We also taught another investigator of
ours and focused on priesthood authority. It left her a lot to pray
about. We were lovingly bold! That night we had a relief society
activity that was fun then went out to contact some more.

Friday was a long weekly planning being Sister Thatcher's first one.
It was good though! We set some good goals! We taught a few less
actives and that went well. That night we had a ward picnic in the
park and Sister Thatcher was able to meet the ward. It was great!
There were a few nonmembers there and we were able to get closer with
the young women and activity day girls.

Saturday we taught 6 lessons! It was a good day! We picked up a new
investigator . One of the members in the ward has their niece
staying with them and when she stayed with them in the past the elders
taught her. She is turning 14 today! Sister Thatcher connected with
her so well! Later that night we taught another one of our
investigators  about the importance of reading daily. She loved
it! Then we went to see our recent convert and talk about the temple!
They're planning a temple trip in a few weeks that we hope she can go
to! She is so excited to go! In her own words she is excited to go to
help those who are lost on huge other side! It's so amazing!

Sunday was good. We had 5 investigators at church!!! We taught a
couple lessons. We had a really spiritual lesson with the Jewish man
and his family. We testified about Jesus Christ and who he is to us.
It went really well. He is still having a hard time accepting Jesus
Christ. Which makes things difficult.

Overall it was a really great week! I love Sister Thatcher and all that
she is teaching me! Thank you all for your love and support! I love
this gospel and I am so thankful for my Savior Jesus Christ and all
that He has done for me! I know He loves each and very one of us and
is always there to help us though our challenges!

Love, Sister Riches

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