Monday, July 7, 2014

Tea Bags, Tesla, Transfers, and Training!?

Hello All!

This has been a slow week due to the holiday. But it's been a good
week. I'll write some of the highlights and explain my email title.

Monday was a good day. Fun day with the other missionaries. We played
games at the stake center and some of the elders decided to lasso each
other. Pretty crazy and immature but kinda entertaining to watch! We
had a dinner with our investigator  and her friend who's a
member . It went really well. We taught her about the
Book of Mormon and bore strong testimony of it.

Tuesday we tried to find new investigators. We didn't have any luck
but we talked to a few people. They didn't show much potential but
maybe someday. Later that night we taught our investigator  and
then our recent convert . The first presidency recently changed
how new member lessons were to be taught which makes sense because
that's what we've been doing anyway. It's hard to have the members
meet with the new members weekly to give them a lesson. So we just
take members with us and we teach them. We did a more relaxed fun
lesson with both our investigator and recent convert. It's a lesson
about faith. You take a tea bag, it has to be a special tea bag
though, and empty the herbs or whatever and then stand the bag up on
the persons hand. It looks like a column. Then you read ether 12:6.
Talk about what faith is etc. then ask if they have faith. Let them
know you won't hurt them but they need to have faith to keep the bag
on their hand. Then you light the top on fire. It burns down the bag
and at the very last minute it lifts into the air and finishes burning
in the air instead of your hand. Our investigator loved it but our
recent convert blew it off! It was pretty funny. It just turns to
ashes so it's safe to do far as I've done.

On Wednesday we tried again to find new investigators. But we talked
to people and that has been hard for us to do recently, to talk to
everyone we see and bring up the gospel...I know silly right? We're
missionaries that's what we do and that's what they know we do- most
the time. We did have a good lesson with one of our investigators
(Shawn). We recently found her and so we are still in the beginnings
of her teaching. We taught the plan of salvation and she agreed and
liked it. The challenge with her is helping her see this is the truth
and the blessing that come from being baptized by the proper authority
and helping her know this is the true church.

Thursday we had zone meeting. It went well, all about finding new
investigators! That's what we are all struggling with! In Preach my
Gospel it says, nothing can happen in missionary work until you find
people to teach. It is huge!! An apostle said recently that it is the
members responsibility to find and missionaries responsibility to
teach. If we had just five members find us one person to teach, that'd
make our job as missionaries so much easier! But finding the elect
isn't easy. So after zone meeting we went to do service at the
hospital. We were waiting at the bus stop and met a lady. She was so
sweet! We started talking about her work and she sat down next to us.
Then we got into talking about how we were missionaries and what we
do. Another lady sat down and knew a lot about missionaries, looking
back I feel so bad we didn't get her information too! She got off the
bus before we could. But with the first lady, she told us she had a
friend who was a member and had the sisters come over. She sat with
them a few times. Her husband is atheist so she didn't pursue any
further. She had a Book of Mormon and she asked how it is different
from the bible. We gave her one and told her to read the introduction.
She read the first few paragraphs of the introduction and she
understood. She asked if she could keep the book and admitted she had
thrown the other one away a while ago, before she said it was just
collecting dust somewhere. After we said she could have it a lady in a
jeep pulled up to the bus stop and asked if we wanted some cold water.
She was passing it out for free. The lady we were talking to was so
happy! She was just thinking how thirsty she was and how hot it was!
She connected it back because she had the Book of Mormon. It was her
"lucky charm!" We then got on the bus together and we were able to get
her number and her permission to call her and answer more of her
questions! It was awesome! I love moments like that as a missionary.
It makes everything worth it to find one who is sincerely seeking and
interested. Sad part, she doesn't live in our area, let alone mission.
But that's okay.

Thursday night was pretty special too. One of the young men from the
ward just became an elder and is leaving on his mission soon. He
hasn't got his call yet but the family is like my family away from
home and he's like a little brother to me. He and his mom came with us
to teach our recent convert . We asked him to help us teach. He
taught about the priesthood and his experience with that. He did so
great! He is so kind to her and understanding! It was awesome to see.

Friday we didn't do much. It was our weekly planning day and no one
answered our calls to set up appointments for the day. We went to
dinner at a members home with the elders in the 1st ward. It was a fun
time. One of the members that was there had a Tesla! He offered to
take us for a ride so we and a set of elders went up the mountain a
little ways. I guess we went about 100 mph! It was fun though, I
didn't even notice how fast we went because how smooth a ride it was!
All electric! But super expensive! Put it on my wish list for when
I'll never be a millionaire! On our way bike ride home we saw the
fireworks above the trees. So I did get to see fireworks!

Saturday was good. We taught a few lessons and technically got a new
investigator but the couple isn't interested in converting but they
want to feed us. They did this with missionaries in the past. Then at
night we got...a transfer call! The Assistant was talking to sister
M and he then told her, well Sis. Riches..wait this is sis.
M right? She said yeah, so he started again.. Sis. M
after careful prayer and consideration you are being transferred to
the Glendora YSA ward. They talked a little more then he asked for
me... He small talked a little then said Sis. Riches after careful
prayer and consideration you have been called to be a trainer! We are
so excited for you!! He really did sound super excited...I was first
in shock my best friend was being moved but that was expected one of
us would leave but to train...I'm nervous! It'll be okay though! We
hung up and of course we cried! It still doesn't feel like things are
changing and I'm not with her anymore!

Sunday was a day full of running around saying bye and getting
pictures. My trainer Sister S is going home tomorrow! Sadly
we weren't able to go to her farewell. But I'll see her again. Plus it
was better to say bye to people.

Well today has been full of running around and packing and being
exhausted! Transfer days are terrible if you or someone is getting

I love you all and I love hearing from you via email or letters! I may
not always be able to write back but I love hearing from you! I pray
for you all and hope all is well! I know this is The Lords work and
this is what He wants me to be doing right now!

Love, Sister Riches

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