Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Working Hard in the Lords Army!


This was a pretty busy week again! 17 lessons. 7 of which were with
less actives! Sadly we were one or two away from the goals we had set
for the week. We are trying to work our way to 20 lessons a week.

Monday was fun then we taught our investigator  who doesn't
believe there's a god. Then we went and saw our recent convert 
and read from the Book of Mormon.

Tuesday we had the new missionary orientation. It was really good for
me to have a review of how we teach and things to focus on. President
and Sister Villanueva are so great! It was nice to talk to the other
missionaries there too. After the meeting they showed us the new bikes
the mission got a deal on...ELECTRIC BIKES! They're so awesome! They
can go 15 mph for 30 miles before having to be charged. There is a
battery on it and that comes off to charge. So cool! Especially
because of the hills here. The hill are not bad but bad enough to get
to the next place red and sweaty...not the best first impression. Also
if the battery runs out of life you can just pedal like a normal bike
or just use it as a normal bike. So I bought one. There is a brother
in the other ward who bought my old bike. So that's nice! Plus I can
take it home and use it around town and school! I'm so excited I
should have it by today or tomorrow! On the way home from the meeting
we rode the bus and talked to tons of people! Funny story! I began a
conversation with a man by asking about his 2 year old daughter and
then brought up church, family importance, Jesus Christ, and then what
does he do? Asks me if I want to go to the movies sometime! Second
almost third time I've been asked on a date while I've been out!! So
funny! I gave him a pass along card and told him as a missionary we
give up entertainment, work, school, all that to serve The Lord. He
then got off the bus. Way funny!!! The first time I got asked out was
a few weeks ago with Sister Thatcher when this old guy asked if we
wanted to go on a cruise with him! Then the almost time was earlier on
the bus Tuesday the guy was getting a nervous and saying stuff like
this is the last time I'll see you? Cause he lived in Azusa and I
don't serve there anymore...people are funny! I'm glad to know the
light of Christ does get noticed by all people. We taught our
investigator later that night about the Family Proclamation to
answer some of her questions. Oh yeah we got a new mission scripture.
D&C 4 and I almost have it memorized. They didn't ask us to memorize
it in the Mtc.

Wednesday we had a lot of lessons planned. We taught a few good
lessons! It was really hot too! I got burnt a few times this week
while wearing sunscreen but it comes off after walking around in the
heat. We taught 2 less active lessons, a member lessons, 2 member
present lessons then helped with family history at the church. Our
recent convert  got some family names she could take to the
temple on Saturday! It was so awesome how excited she got as they
found her family and pictures and records!

Thursday we had a good district meeting and then did some service
cleaning house for an older less active lady. Then contacted in the
village- the main part of Claremont where the theater is and shops and
we were able to contact 15 people! We got a return appointment with a
family! We are so excited to teach them! We also got a referral from a
member we ran into while we were walking around and are having dinner
with her and her friend tonight. We're pretty excited! We haven't
found any new investigators so we're excited for these potentials! We
then had a lesson with our recent convert  about individual worth
and that she is a daughter of God. It was awesome!

Friday we had weekly planning then exchanges. The exchange went well.
I stayed here and Sister Thatcher went to the other sisters area. We
did a little service and went to find new investigators.

Saturday we taught a few lessons and had a good lesson about the word
of wisdom with the family we are working with! It was awesome!  We had
a few more lessons too. Nothing too great or exciting to report there.

Sunday was good. I gave a talk about how I came out here on my
mission. I guess it was really good cause I had a lot of people
complement me afterwards. There was an elder coming home from his
mission and he gave his homecoming talk. His mom told me my talk made
her cry but not his. But it was fun to talk. I love this ward so
much!!! We had a few lessons after church that weren't very exciting,
kinda rough but those come. It was nothing we said but the people who
were there who weren't interested and had anti feelings.

But today has been good and this is going to be an awesome week! I
love being a missionary and I want to help everyone have the blessings
of the gospel! It's so sad some people don't understand that God loves
them and knows them! It's so sad! I was thinking about the elder who
came home and I don't want to go home. It makes me sad to think in
over half way through! I feel like I still have so much to do and to
help so many more people. I love being a missionary and working hard!

I love you all and am thankful for all your prayers and support!

Love, Sister Riches

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