Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Happy Mother's Day and 7 Months Serving in the Lord's Army!

Hello Family and friends!

This week has been an interesting week. It feels like we've been in a
time warp time has passed so quickly this week and it feels like we
didn't teach many lessons. We've dropped 3 of our investigators and
will be dropping another tonight. But we have zone conference this
Friday and that will teach us how to work with members to get
referrals to find the elect who are ready for the gospel. It was nice
to talk to mom, dad, and Sara yesterday! It was really fun but crazy
it still doesn't feel like I talked to them! The time went so fast!
It's been 7 months that I have been here and it's crazy how fast time
is going! Some exciting things that happened this week was we had
exchanges and that was alright. Then we had interviews with President
Becerra on Friday. It was really nice. Interviews are normally 10
minutes and I was talking with President for 25 minutes. I went in and
he asked me if I had any questions for him. I said 1) how do I stay
more motivated in the work and 2)how do we find the elect? So he
taught me for the whole time and it was really nice. I'm excited for
zone conference because he taught me a lot about what we are learning
on Friday. I also more of why I am out here on a mission and the
purpose I am out here. I love the mission, even though it is hard
work. Today we went to Chinatown in Los Angeles and that was fun I got
a few California shirts, finally! I am so thankful for all the help
and support and prayers you give me!

I love you all!
Sister Celeste Riches

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