Monday, August 11, 2014

It's a Good Week After-all!

Hello All!

This week has been pretty hard for me but there have been so many
miracles and tender mercies!

Monday we found a new investigator . She was walking on the
street and we were on our bikes and we rode past her and she started
waving saying "Hi sisters!" Now nobody does this unless it might be a
member and she didn't look familiar! So we turned around and went back
and she invited us over and we talked about family history. We have an
appointment tonight to help her with that. She wants to come to church
and our relief society president took her on a tour because she has
been working with her. But that same night Sister a Thatcher got two
flat tires!

Tuesday we spent a few hours fixing her tires because the back wheel
is different than a normal wheel because of the motor. It took
forever! Then later that night she lost her key in a members backyard!
Luckily after many prayers we found the key. We fed the members pond
fish and I heard something hit the side of the canoe-where the fish
are, it's filled with water and the fish swim in it. I thought nothing
of it because I didn't see anything on the ground but I remembered
that after we prayed. I asked the member if I could use his strong
magnet to find it because it was too dark to see and after moving it
around in the bushes next to the canoe we found it! That day was slow
and hard. We taught two lessons.

Wednesday was alright but we were able to find two new investigators,
a former I began teaching  and a potential we saw before
We also had a good lesson with our recent convert  where
we began fasting with her to help give her strength to overcome hard
things. We had a good lesson with another one of our investigators. 
We went in to teach about relating the Book of Mormon to her
life and how it can help her as we read through a chapter and the
discussion turned into talking all about prayer. It was interesting
how that's what she needed and so that what the spirit led us to
teach. Upon returning home we realized Sister Thatchers fuse on the
battery was melted and the battery was super hot! We learned the
battery had fried. Luckily the electric parts are all under warranty!

Thursday we had a good zone meeting. The stake president came and
talked to us. It was really good! Later that day we taught a good
lesson relating the story of Lehonti and Amelikiah to our investigator
and her life.  Then we went to find people. We had a lesson
scheduled for that night with a family I found a while back who
scheduled appointments with us but always cancelled. Sadly it was

Friday was weekly planning. I had a little bit of a break down but I'm
alright now. We then tried to teach 5 lessons in 3 hours. We ended up
teaching 3. So that was good. They all went well. We tried riding our
bikes because we found out Sister Thatchers battery overheated because
it was working too hard cause when the elders put the back tire back
on the break was too tight. So we rode our bikes around Friday night
and coming home about a mike and a half still to go uphill on our ride
home, Sister Thatchers battery completely died! She wanted to try and
bike it home but the battery itself weighs about 20 pounds! So an
analogy to the atonement. She thought she could carry the battery by
herself but after a while she realized she could not. She had to
accept my offer to help carry her battery home on my bike because I
still had battery. So she put her battery in her bag and we put her
bag around my waist and set it on my shelf I have on the bike and I
was able to carry it home without a problem. Her burden was lightened
because I could carry it. We need to cast our burdens on The Lord
because he has already paid the price for us and we need to allow him
to help us. I have learned about this a lot as I have struggled
emotionally this week that I need to cast my burdens and stresses on
him to help me and to not worry about the little things that don't
matter. I know Christ understands how we feel and what we need. All we
need to do is humble ourselves and let him help us as we work
together. And do both our parts. This does not mean to let him have
the whole wheel and gas pedals but to have his help in steering while
we still do our part. I hope that makes sense.

Saturday I received a blessing to help me out and it did. I could feel
my Savior's love for me and my Heavenly Fathers love for me. I love
that we have the priesthood restored to the earth so we can enjoy the
many blessings that come from it like blessings of sickness, comfort,
guidance and especially baptism and being sealed together forever with
your family! Saturday we worked hard and taught four lessons, two
member present, one other and one less active. They all went well. We
had a good lesson with the Jewish family  then with
another one of our investigators.

Sunday was a day of miracles and tender mercies for sure! First we had
7 investigators at church! This is the most I have ever had at church!
We had the Jewish family, and four other single investigators.  All 
throughout church there were things in the lessons that were specific 
for our investigators and recent converts! It was a great Sunday! Then 
the members we had dinner with invited a less active and investigator 
to dinner with us. We were able to have a lesson after and pick
the investigator up as a new investigator! Before she was just a
potential and we hadn't ever taught her before. It was great! We were
also able to have two more member present lessons that went well.

I love this gospel and am so thankful for my savior Jesus Christ! I
know he lives and loves us and is there with open arms to always help
us out!

Thank you all for your prayers and support. I truly do appreciate it
all! I keep you all in my prayers! Have a great week!

Love, Sister Riches

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