Tuesday, February 25, 2014

He Will Hasten His Work in His Time


This week has been really good. We were able to teach 13 lessons this
past week, reach the standard of excellence for the mission of 7
member present lessons, and the standard of excellence 4 progressing
investigators!!!! The Lord has really blessed us the past few weeks
here and helped us out so much in His work.

I guess I'll tell you about my week. On Tuesday we had our pday and we
went thrift shopping. It was fun. I found a smaller purse to carry my
iPad and a cute dress. We also taught two lessons that night and had a
member at both. Three of our new investigators are really excite to
learn more. It's awesome!

Wednesday we had a lot of people cancel appointments, were sick,
getting home from the hospital, and not home...but we were able to
have a less active lesson and an awesome lesson with a one of the new
investigators from last week.

On Thursday we had a random house check and then three good lessons.
It was cool to see how an investigator was able to apply the Book of
Mormon to her life so much and recognize more of why she's been lead
certain places and to us. The other lesson we had was also about the
Book of Mormon and in that lesson we were able to commit the
investigator to baptism on March 23rd. We are praying that this will
happen and that she will understand. She's really exact to come to
church especially cause of relief society.

On Friday we did service almost all day for a lady to help her move.
She is a ballet teacher so that was fun to talk ballet with her! She
gave me an old ticket to the nutcracker her studio did this past year.
I miss dancing a lot and can't wait to get back into it. We were then
supposed to have a tour with the investigator with a baptism date but
she was held up at school that she didn't make it home in time. We
went by again later that night and she pinky promised she'd be there
on Sunday...when we went to pick her up she wasn't home or really
heavy sleeper. We are not too sure what happened but we will find out
tonight. She's really awesome though. She understands she won't
receive an answer right away to her prayers.

On Saturday we did a couple lessons in the morning and the new had our
weekly planning cause we were doing service all day on Friday-our
normal weekly planning day. We did a tour with the investigator who is
really good at relating everything to her and her situations. It was a
nice tour. That night as we had some extra time before be we started
watching the long Joseph smith movie. We ended up finishing it during
out lunch time on Sunday. It's such a good movie! I am so thankful for
Joseph Smith and for his dedication to The Lord and to his calling as
a prophet. In sacrament on Sunday they sang "Praise to the Man" one of
my most favorite hymns! In the very first verse I felt the spirit and
started tearing up...this happened to me a lot during church for
whatever reason. It was a good Sunday. Unfortunately we did not have
any investigators there. Out of the few we thought would come...one
was sick, one was home sick with her dog, one slept in, another we
don't know yet, and another decided to run some errands. Getting
people to church is always the hardest thing to do! We're trying so
hard to help others understand the importance of church. It's hard to
hear from members that all we can do is invite and plant seeds when
our mission president and leaders are constantly telling us we are
here to baptize and harvest not so much plant seeds. It gets
discouraging sometimes.

Sunday night we were able to have three lessons and toe with members.
It was a good week for lessons and help from members! I also got my
bike tire fixed on Saturday! So now we can ride our bikes
again....probably won't happen riding south is fine but riding north
is a slow incline that turns out to be huge! Crazy Claremont! I love
it here though! It's so nice. Next Monday is transfers so we are
hoping neither of us are being transferred. I love Sister M!!
She's so funny! We have a good time together...especially if we are
both super tired! Which is all the time.

I wanted to end this email with an awesome quote from the Joseph Smith
Prophet of the Restoration movie but I can't find it... Maybe next
week. But I know that this is the true church and that this is the
restored church of Jesus Christ, just as he had established it in his
ministry on the earth. I feel so blessed to be part of His church and
have the blessings that come with that!

I hope you all are staying warm and safe! I keep you in my prayers and
thank you for all the prayers and words of encouragement and support!
I really appreciate all you do for me!

Sister Celeste Riches

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