Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Miracles and Work

Hello family and friends!

So this has been a pretty good week.

Monday was fun. Sister M. and I went to the mall and had a
blast there. Then we went to the ward mission leaders house for a BBQ.
We then helped a member and her friend, our investigator, do a
surprise act of service for the members neighbors. We planted plants
for them that won't die...although Sister M. and I are plant
killers. We can't keep aloe Vera alive. We've been given four
different plants...

Tuesday was kinda uneventful. But turned out alright. We saw an
investigator  who was sick, and a less active and our recent
convert . It was cool at dinner with a couple from the ward we
showed them the Because of Him video and they said it a perfect so
they could use it at the addiction recovery class they taught that
night. We gave our investigator the pictures of when event to
the temple. She loved it!

Wednesday was a good day. We went to the Zumba class one of the
sisters teaches at our church building and there's a lot of nonmembers
that go. We did that and it was way fun! We talked to a few of the
ladies there and one told us she pretty much knows everything about
Mormons but just hasn't converted. Then we did service at the Pomona
hospital. Then we helped our investigator  with her family
history. It was awesome! She really has the spirit of Elijah!

On Thursday we had an awesome district meeting and worked on
developing more faith. After we went and tried to be faithful. We are
really bad at talking to everyone we see and getting at least 10
contacts a day because there is hardly anyone on the street. You have
to search for them! But we talked to everyone we saw and we got an
appointment to visit with a man his wife and their three kids for
Sunday! Sadly that got cancelled but rescheduled for next Sunday. We
also got another man's contact information to go see him. Then we got a
referral from the elders. We later got another referral from other
missionaries. And the next few days we got some more! We ended the
week off with 6 to contact and we were only able to contact one. The
others haven't called back so we have to keep trying before we count
them as contacted. We also had a good lesson with one of our newer
investigators . She seems pretty sincere in learning.

Friday I wasn't feeling too great. But we taught a less active and did
our weekly planning. We then went out to find new investigators and
check up on other investigators we hadn't seen in forever! No luck
with that but we stopped by a beehive activity and played some card
games with them. It was fun and good to get to know the beehives
better and be a good example for them.

Saturday I was pretty sick but we went out and worked. I ended up
getting a 99.5° temp but that was skewed because I was overheated and
just got out of a hot car. But still I was not feeling week. Much like
what Sister M. had last week. We had a meeting with our
assistant ward mission leader and then taught a few good lessons. We
taught three of our investigators. We were able to drop by the Jewish
man and his family  and help them understand how to receive answers to 
prayers. Then we had a good lesson with a member's friend who is agnostic. 
Every time we testify to her that God knows her and loves her she tears up 
and so do surprise there. But we try to help her recognize she is feeling
the spirit. It's pretty cool. Then we taught our other investigator about the
spirit of Elijah because she didn't know what that was. It was a nice
lesson. She has come so far since we first met her! It's amazing the
change in people as they learn about Jesus Christ and God. I love it!

On Sunday we had awesome plans set up for the day and all of them
cancelled! But we were able to teach the Jewish man and his son - his
wife was sick- about the plan of salvation. This went a lot better
than we anticipated! It was a pretty good week. We look forward to the
blessings that will come this week!

I love you all and I love this work. I am so happy that I am here in
Claremont! I love the people and the experience and all I'm learning.
We were challenged a few months ago to read through the Book of Mormon
once before the new mission president comes. I have about 100 pages to
go! I love the Book of Mormon! I wish I could sit and read it all day!
It is so motivating and inspiring! I love the spirit from the Book of
Mormon and how much it applies to us today even though it was written
so long ago! I love it! It is the keystone of our religion and it is
another testament of Jesus Christ. I love reading it and coming closer
with my savior. I love reading the testimonies of those prophets and
learning more about the atonement and how it works in our lives. I
want everyone to feel the love and spirit I have felt as I read.
Please read the Book of Mormon. We have all been invited to read it
and ask God if it is true, I know it is And I know a God will hear and
answer your prayer as you ask!

Love, Sister Riches

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