Wednesday, June 4, 2014

My Week and Transfers!

Hello family and friends!

This week was a pretty normal week. On Monday we went on a bike ride up in the mountains with the other elders in our district and that was really fun. On Tuesday we saw a less active lady and then tried to find new investigators we found one guy who may be interested. We haven't had a chance to stop by again but that's in our plans for this week. We then went and served a Sister in our ward and did some chores for her because her husband is in and out of town until September.
Tuesday night we had a good lesson with our investigator. 
Wednesday Sister M. wasn't feeling well and so we stayed home for the first half of the day while she rested. I read different talks and had about three hours of personal study and then wrote in my journal...trying to catch up. We had a lesson with one of our newer investigators . We don't know her too well yet to know her
desire and intent on learning but she's been reading from the Book of Mormon so that's way good! We then had a lesson with our recent convert . We went to try and strengthen her faith to help her remember to turn towards God in times of trial not things of the world. 
Thursday we had a good district meeting, our last one with our amazing district! Then we went and saw a lady in our ward who lives in a care center super sweet lady! We normally see her on Tuesday but sister M wasn't feeling well Tuesday either so we couldn't. She was glad we came on Thursday cause she wasn't waking up to anything on Tuesday because of her medicine. Later we saw our recent convert again with her visiting teachers. 
On Friday we had weekly planning and it was hard cause sister M was still feeling sick and I got a little upset that she was sick...silly yes. But then we were able to plan and the members we went to for dinner are from Africa and we had African food! It was so good! 
Saturday was good. We taught three lessons and the two investigator lessons were in members homes! Best place for lessons! 
Then on Sunday there was a fireside that one of our investigators came to. It was really good and perfect for her! Nothing too exciting happened. We did find a new investigator on Thursday. Oh Saturday night was transfer calls. We are staying together!!!!!! This will be our fourth transfer together and we will be in this ward together for at least 6 months! Half a year and a third of our mission in the same area with the same companion!! That's crazy! But I love Sister M and she said this morning that we were best friends in the premortal life! It's great! Oh and Yesterday the bishop of the Claremont 1st ward (we are serving in the 2nd ward) came up to us and told us about how at his house for dinner they had his grandson who is 5 and granddaughter who is 3 there (both in our ward). Every time they go over they put some change and quarters in a jar. He asked his grandson why they did that. He said he couldn't remember. So he said it's to help you pay for your mission. His granddaughter, who is the cutest spunkiest and hyperactive little girl I know, said I can be a missionary too! I can be a girl missionary! He then had tears in his eyes when he said "we did not teach her that. She has learned that because she has seen you two and you both have been an example to her of what she can do!" I thought this as so special and amazing that being out here is not only for the investigators and non members but for the members and my
family to strengthen and build their testimonies. I love this work! It is HARD but salvation isn't easy. The price for salvation is the atonement. The suffering Christ made was no easy and so it makes sense that serving a mission, living every day life, and making changes and repenting isn't easy either. I am so happy for all that I am learning and becoming!

I love you all and I love this gospel!

Love, Sister Riches

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