Monday, December 29, 2014

Happy New Year!!!

Hello All!

Well this week was pretty good. I broke my iPad screen on Sunday night
so on Tuesday we went to the offic to get me a new iPad. And it was
the craziest day of my whole mission! It took us some time to transfer
everything over. Then my apps wouldn't work so we went to the AP's and
had them help me and they were able to get my email working but I
still have some issues with some things. But it'll get it sorted out.
So by the time we left after spending about 2 1/2 hours at the office
(about 5:00 when we left) we went out to the bus and it passed right
when we got out so we went to the other bus stop to catch a different
bus. So we went under the freeway and came back on top then as we were
waiting to cross over at the light the bus passed. So we just decided
to wait there cause it came every 15 minutes. So we wait and wait and
wait and 45 minutes later we called the bus company and they said it
was 30 minutes late and there would be three busses to choose from. So
we turn and are talking to each other and then not even 20 seconds
later there's tires screeching and a crash! So we turned and a care
turning left got tboned. We didn't know what to do! They don't teach
you what to do about an accident in preach my gospel! So I tried
calling 911 which was busy and were starving! Cause it's now 6:00pm
and we went over to see if everyone was okay and behind them pulled up
a tow truck. A man who was on his way home from work. And he helped
them. No one was hurt. When we finally got over there the lady who was
turning left grabbed us and just started crying in our shoulder. She
didn't speak English. We were the only ones who didn't speak Spanish!
Lame! But we gave them our number and names on a card of they needed
us for anything and then we turn to go back to the stop...and the
three buses pass we gave up on that bus and went back to the
other bus and as we were walking under the freeway it passed us! So we
gave up completely! We called a member and she picked us up and
offered us dinner and she took us to her house and she told us she
made four extra tacos! With guacamole and everything on them. She said
she never! Made extras and just kept the meat for later. Plus she was
leaving the next morning to her cabin for Christmas. So it was a
prompting for her to be able to feed the sisters! So nice! It was
awesome to be in the right places to be an answer to prayers and
promptings, even if it was a lot of waiting and frustration on our
part. It just goes to show its all the Lords timing and His will and
we are only the instruments.

Christmas Eve we had a white elephant gift as a zone and it was fun!
Then we went and had lunch and spent some time with a family in the
ward. We made a gingerbread house and then they gave us presents. It
was so nice. Then we went to another members house and had dinner.

Christmas was fun we went to a members for breakfast then studied on
the church lawn then skyped home! It was so nice to see mom and dad
and Sara. Then we went to dinner at another members and had fondue for
dinner. We had meat we put in a pot of oil. It was fun! Then we played
apples to apples then went caroling with the other missionaries it was

On Sunday we sang a duet together and then after church Spenser and
Crystal and Brian and Spenser were there! They weren't there for my
singing though. It was nice to see them. Then we had a few lessons!

It was a pretty good week! We get to go to the rose parade and talk to
people on New Year's Day. I'm excited for that!

I love you all!

Love, Sister Riches

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