Tuesday, January 13, 2015

15 Months Serving in the Lord's Army

Hello All!

Crazy how time flies! I feel like I say that a lot in my emails! Didn't I JUST send out my "14 Month" email? Crazy! 

Well this week was pretty good. We had a few more lessons than the previous weeks. 

Monday night I taught the FHE lesson at the K's about Personal Progress and Agency. It went well. 

Tuesday we had an apartment cleaning check and the lady who checks is kinda strict so we cleaned for like 2 hours before she came so she couldn't cut us down and guess what we passed! Our apartment doesn't get dirty anyway and we aren't messy. Plus it takes a while for the two of us to clean a 3 bedroom and 2 1/2 bath apartment by ourselves. Crazy! Then we went and saw a former investigator who we haven't seen in a month and a half and he missed us so we sent the elders over. They're planning on going by this week. So hopefully he can make those changes. He agreed to a baptism date when I was teaching him and then he got scared we think cause he kept flaking on our appointments. Tuesday night we had dinner with the C's and the N's. I love them! Then Sister N came with us to see E. We had a good lesson on the Restoration. It's been a while since we've taught it but we've been role playing it a lot. 

Wednesday we went back to do service at the food pantry. They took a two week break for the holidays. That was good. Then we had three lessons in a row afterwards! We had an ultimatum lesson with one of our investigators, J and M. We planned on dropping them in that lesson but they came to the church and told us they needed to come back to church and meet with us cause their lives are going awful and its all becasue they aren't putting God first and so we told them okay don't just have it be words but SHOW us and Heavenly Father you mean it by doing something about it. So we committed them to come to church and they agreed and said they'd be there BUT they never showed up. We reminded them the day before and they said they'd be there. Then we sent them a text in the morning but they never got back to us. Sad. It's so sad, just devastating when people don't keep commitments when it is what they need most in their life! "[They] really need to sort out [their] proprieties". ~Harry Potter for all who didn't get my reference. I hope someone did or I look really lame... but that's okay! :)

Thursday was just crazy. We had a kinda chaotic Zone Meeting then we tried to find people but no one was home and it was just a really off day. But we move on! 

Friday was better. We had weekly planning then went to dinner at the D's who are AMAZING cooks. SO good! They gave us left overs which are still amazing! They're so sweet and so spiritual! Then we saw A. - a less active. We had a good lesson with her. Her family made things a little chaotic as they kept interrupting. But it went well. 

Saturday was rainy and cold. We tired to find people but no one was home or on the streets or interested. So we went to our correlation meeting with our ward mission leader and then had dinner with him and his wife and then we went out to contact a part member family in the ward and they weren't home and Sister B. started to feel sick so we went home. Not very eventful.

Sunday Sister B. was sick we went to Sacrament meeting and no one showed up of our investigators or members we are working with sadly. Then we went home and I studied for a while and caught up on some journal writing as Sister B. slept. We then studied some things together about the Atonement. It was pretty chill. Sister B. is feeling much better too so that's good! I love her! She's the best! We get a long really well. We act like sisters too which is good but sometimes not so good. But we communicate well with each other and support each other. However, I'm slacking on my patience and humility and charity. I've been trying to work on those three. Any ideas? Any tips? They would be much appreciated. 

Thank you all for your love and support. I love you all!!

Sister Riches

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