Monday, January 26, 2015

Missionary: Someone who leaves their families for a short time so others can be with their family forever!

Hi everyone!

Let's see if I can remember the week. I feel like last Monday was FOREVER ago!

Last Monday we had a combined zone activity with the Arcadia zone and
we had a NERF WAR! It was so fun! We were all like little kids! We
were on two teams and went around the classrooms and gym and foyer
playing Nerf War! I died pretty fast, if we got hit twice we died. But
I had to stay with sister b. so I held all the amo! Pretty fun!
Then we had a good dinner at C. and S's then had FHE at the

Tuesday we went to the office for a meeting with the senior elder in
charge of the phones, it went well, we aren't in trouble so that's
good! Not much happened. We had a good dinner with the G's and
that was fun! We also were finally able to talk to a less active and
have a lesson with him cause his wife was home!

Wednesday was a crazy morning. But we went out and tried to find
people. We had a good dinner. Not much else happened.

Thursday we had a good district meeting and then we went out and
worked. We went out and had a few lessons and had a fun dinner with
the C's, their family is so stinking cute!!! I have a lot to learn
before I become a mother! They have three boys and they're so smart in
the gospel and so cute!

Friday we had interviews with president and weekly planning. Those
went well then we went out and had dinner then went finding some more
and saw F, a less active! She's Awesome! She has a pet kinkajou! So
cute! His name is Toby and I have a video of him yawning because he
has a super long tongue!

Saturday we went out to find people! But we had a good church tour
with our investigator G., hopefully he will be more comfortable
coming to church. Ummm, then we just went out to find. We talked to a
cute Spanish family at the park and shared Gracias A El....aka Because
of Him. Then we had correlation and dinner and had ice cream at
Carmela's! So good! They've won a lot of awards for the best of LA
stuff and food shows. It's yummy! Then we had a lesson with A. We
made a cute word of wisdom activity for her grandson to keep him
quieter in lessons and he got so shy that he was quiet! So it worked.

Sunday was busy! We had ward council then church and G. couldn't
come and then we had studies after church and then went and saw D.
and she got her temple recommend so she is going to do baptisms this
Saturday! We're so excited! And she was asked to think about a calling
for a primary teacher! She is going to pray about it and think about
it more. She has a memory problem that she can't remember words and
definitions. Then we had a good dinner with a new couple in the Ward
and C. and S. and then we went out to find people! Lots of
finding! Not much luck yet. But it will come!

On Saturday we had a cool talk together as companions and talked about
the purpose why we are out here and it made so much sense! We truly
did leave our families for a short time so other can be with their
families for eternity! We talked about how we love our families so
much and are so thankful we will be with them again and then we
compared that to our Heavenly Father. How because of the gospel and
baptism we can be with him again and it won't be a short "Hi Dad". It
will be a much different homecoming with our Father in Heaven if we
have those saving ordinances. And that's why we are on our missions.
Only we can invite others to be baptized and only during this time we
have which is so short! I want to help others have that warm welcome
with Heavenly Father and be with their families forever! That is my
biggest wish and hope for people and I pray they can make that choice
to learn.

I love you all! Have a good week!

Love, Sister Riches

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