Tuesday, February 3, 2015

To Train Or Not To Train...That Is The Question


Well this week certainly has been eventful.

Monday was probably one of the best pdays ever! We went on a hike in
Sierra madre with the zone and shot slings and slingshots. It was so
fun! Then we went to the park and ate desserts and played ultimate
frisbee, I think I already talked about this, but it was so fun! I
loved it! We all got along great!

Tuesday we went out to find all day! We did too! We found F. at
the park. We had a lesson set up for Saturday but sadly we weren't
able to get a hold of m verse to confirm. Tuesday night we got a
present from a sister in the Ward. She is a silversmith and made a
necklace of a hand holding the iron rod, it's awesome! She's so sweet!

Wednesday we served at the food pantry and everyone said bye to me
cause of transfers coming up and it was really nice. They're so sweet!
Then we had a good lesson with a less active then went to dinner at
the N.s they're so nice! And so funny! It was a good dinner we talked
about how t-Rex's live in the far away land of boun-tee-ful. It was a
funny dinner conversation! Then when we got home we got a call from
the APs saying that I was called to be a trainer! She would be my
third trainee! I was so excited!!

Thursday we had district meeting which went well and then headed over
to Arcadia for the trainers meeting. It was a really good meeting. I
needed it! Then when President Villanueva got up to teach he announced
that one of the sisters coming who was a visa waiter to go to Brazil
already got her visa so one of the sisters wouldn't be training. I got
kinda sad and stressed because I really wanted to train but the other
sisters there hadn't trained yet and the one other that had has only
been out for about a year. So I had suspicions it would be me who
wouldn't train. Sadly. But afterwards we went to dinner then went out
finding. Thursday night I broke down. I am not where I want to be at
this time in the mission for how long I've been out and it hit me how
close the end is and it makes me really sad. I don't want to leave and
it will go so fast. I want to learn and do so much more that what I
have and am doing. But I don't know where to start. Also I felt it
would be me who wouldn't train because the other sisters have more
time for them to learn and grow from the experience of training. It
makes me so sad. So I was stressed, tired, and emotional wreck! Sister
B. helped me so much! She listened to the spirit and gave me a hug
when I needed it. It was hard too cause transfers wee stressing her
out too cause she does not do well with change.

Friday we went to the church and weekly planned. During weekly
planning the APs called and told me I wouldn't be training. Sister
B. and I were pretty stressed so we went to get an ice cream before
we finished planning. It was needed! Then we finished planning and
went out to work. We had a good lesson with a less active and then
went out to dinner with a member referral. She took us to a great
Argentinian restaurant! It was so good! She is friends with the owner
so we kinda got vip treatment. It was fun to build that relationship
with her.

Saturday we helped with a stake relief society luncheon for the
Arcadia stake. It was nice. Then we waited for our lesson but that
never happened sadly and we missed a few busses and wasted a lot of
time waiting for another bus. It was rough. We had a good dinner then
tried to find people to teach. Today was the Pasadena Stake Relief
society temple trip and a member we have been working with to bring
into full activity went to do baptisms! It was a great experience for
her, we wished so badly we could go with her. Saturday night we got
our transfer call. Sister b. got transferred to Glendale 2nd and
7th wards. A family and ysa Ward. She's so nervous! And I'm staying
here in Pasadena and this may be my last area. 3 areas and 7
companions. My new companion is sister A., she makes the 7th
companion. She super nice!

Sunday we had church which went well. Then we had lunch at the c's.
and the elders where the b's and the N's joined us. It was so
nice! It was such a beautiful day the sun was shining and the doors
were opened. It was perfect! Then we went to say bye to a few more
members for sister b. and then went to the missionary departure
devotional, aka Despideda. Sister M. was going home so I got
to see tons of people from claremont that came! I love them and I love
all the people I have met while I have been out on my mission! It has
been such a great learning experience and growth! I hope there is
still time for me to grow a ton and learn a lot!

Thank you all for everything you help me with!

Love, Sister Riches

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