Saturday, February 21, 2015

16 Months Serving in the Lord's Army!

Hello All!

This has been a great week! 

Monday was good, not much happened. FHE with the K's went well. 

Tuesday was good but long! We saw G.- a less active- and had a good lesson with her. Then we went bus contacting for 2 hours!!!! WE ate at Pieology which is a good pizza place and it has a great inspirational quote wall. Very good quotes for missionaries! That night we went on exchanges. The Sister Training Leaders went with two companionships so we were in a trio. On our way to Sunland we got on the wrong freeway which may or may not have taken us outside our mission! It was quite an adventure! We were able to figure our way back into our mission. (We drove past Hollywood and Burbank--CRAZY!)

Wednesday was good. WE worked as a trio and got a parking ticket--oops. We didn't know there was a law about no parking on the streets in Temple City-They had NO signs anywhere. But we did service at Friends in Deed and then contacted lots of people cause our lesson fell through. But we taught N. again and it went well! She didn't fall asleep as much as last time! We sang Joseph Smiths first prayer. Then reviewed the restoration. Then we invited her to baptism and she accepted! We'll have to follow up with her next time to see if she remembered! It was good though. Then we had dinner at a members and it was so good! Then we traveled back to Sunland-making sure to stay on the right freeway. I was dying by this time cause I caught some sort of cold and my nose was about to fall off! I slept on the long drive to Temple City. 

Thursday was a good day. We had a good Zone Meeting and then afterwards I got a blessing and it was great! Then we went to the Family History center and that was fun! Then we went out and  worked. We also did some service for a member and that was nice.

So recently I've had a lot of doubt and fear and because of that faith can't be there. Which means I'm trying to do everything on my own and not relying on Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ to help me. They have promised to always be there for us and I haven't been letting them. I've learned a lot this past week and I'm sorry I've been kinda down the last few weeks even months. It's no fun to be stressed or sad or fearful or doubtful. It's so much better to choose to be happy. I got a blessing on Thursday cause I was sick and I didn't need the healing part as much as I needed the comfort. In it I was told that Heavenly Father knows of my doubts and my fears. It was a really good blessing. Then Sister A. and I talked about what was going on on Friday and then Friday night after dinner I was so overwhelmed and sad that we went to a "park" and I cried and prayed and watched the stars and some uplifting Mormon messages. It helped a lot. Sister A. is so great! She told me to read my patriarchal blessing so on Saturday I did and I realized that Heavenly Father has already blessed me with so many things that I am worried about and since He has already blessed me that I can do those things and all I need to do is have FAITH in that blessing and act on it! It was a good week of learning! OH! Then on Sunday I fasted and that was really good. At church everything was directed towards me. In sacrament they talked about prayer and faith. The high councilman told a story about sailing to Catalina Island with the scouts and in the morning they had "June Gloom" so it was really foggy. The sailboat owner captain whatever told the scouts to head straight and when they heard the bell to turn quickly at a certain angle and keep going and they would reach the  island, then we went to sleep in his cabin and told them to wake him when they were there. The high councilman was so doubtful that they would get to the Island. He was so worried and watching on look out that he wasn't able to enjoy the journey and everything worked out okay. That's just like our lives. Heavenly Father has sent us Jesus Christ as an example of what we should do here on earth and we need to do those things and not worry. Heavenly Father loves us and he wouldn't let anything bad happen to us! And that's what I haven't been doing- is trusting in the Lord. Then in Relief Society we talked about Finding Joy in our Struggles. And it was even more what I needed! Then the Bishop wanted to talk to us and he gave us a pep talk about how it is our choice to be happy and it was really good! It's amazing what happens when you do have faith and trust in the Lord and you fast and pray and study the scriptures! I love it! The gospel is so true and can really solve any problems, doubts, or fears!! 

It was a good week!

I love you all! Have a great week! 

Love, Sister Riches

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