Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Warning: Long Email with Funny Adventures


This week was full of adventures and a ton happened! Lots of funny
stories and many miracles!

Let's see. Monday after pday we had dinner with a younger couple in
the Ward who is sadly moving this week! They're awesome! We went to a
lesson with N. at Sister W's and it went really well! We
taught about the Book of Mormon. We were full of enthusiasm and
excitement, this helped keep N. awake with drowsy medications. Then
we had a few refreshments Sister W's provided and then we ran to
catch our bus. We needed to catch three buses to go to the K's for
FHE. We left her apartment at 7:29 the bus was coming at 7:21. As we
were waiting at the bus we were able to talk to a guy walking his dog.
It was a super cute dog! It looked like a German shepherd puppy but
turns out he was 8 years old and full grown! It was a mix of something
miniature and a German shepherd. But the guy was really nice and we
gave him a Book of Mormon card and then got on the bus for a short 2
minute bus ride and talked to two people. Kinda interesting people.
The guy I talked to didn't want our picture of Christ because he was
"a believer long before I was born". Interesting.... But then we were
able to catch our second bus right away! And on it we talked to
U's! We saw him a couple weeks ago on the bus and he asked used
where we kept our wings, funny guy! He drew my portrait back in
November at a bus stop and gave it to me. He did pretty well for a
drunk guy but it looks nothing like me! We gave him a Book of Mormon
the last time we saw him and he still has it. He's going to read it
once he is finished with the other book he is reading. We got off to
catch our third bus and the bus was already at the stop but we were
caught at a red light and couldn't cross but U's ran over to the
bus cause he also needed to catch it! He saved us! He was still
putting money in the thing when we ran over to the bus. It was crazy!
We got to the k's is 20 minutes which is a miracle! It was great!
Then w sang songs for FHE cause the elders were super late. But it was

Tuesday we went and saw a lot of people. We did a lot of things we had
planned, although I didn't feel like we accomplished much for some
reason. Oh well. We went and visited a lady in the Ward who can't make
it to church and she is very sweet! Then we looked around her yard.
She has two acres! In California! In a neighborhood! Crazy! That
doesn't happen! She has a beautiful yard with lots of beautiful
flowers and roses. Hah in the 80s and its February! Weird. Then we
went and made a Facebook post and talked to a guy online that we met
on the street the week before. Then we went over to see E.. We
originally had a lesson with C. set up but she couldn't do it then
and then we tried calling G. to meet with her but she couldn't
meet and then we got a text from E. saying she would love to meet
with us when we had the chance and so we were able to set something up
for that day! It worked perfect! We got on the bus and went over to
her house And had a good lesson! She's so sweet! She has such a desire
to learn more! We're helping her understand prayer. Then we stopped
and got a snack at jack in the box and I got really good curly fries!
Then we went down to see a less active lady bishop wanted us to see.
And we found her. Funny story. So we went to find her house but
couldn't find the right number so we knocked on a door to this house
and the lady told us she lived in the back so we went and knocked on
the side door and it was the same lady! It was so embarrassing but so
funny! Then we kept walking and saw there was a back house and we
knocked and it was the right house! She's from Peru and really nice
lady! She hasn't been able to come to church for a while because she's
been helping her sister with her job. She told us all about Peru and I
really want to go there sometime! It's so pretty! I want to travel all
over the place! But then we went to our dinner and that was fun. Then
we went to try to find people but had no luck.

Wednesday we went to the church to have lunch and do Facebook and then
we remembered a member had invited to take us out to lunch so she came
and picked us up and we went to R'oscoes famous for its chicken
and waffles. So good! Obama goes there a lot to. There are pictures of
him eveeywhere inside! Then we went to do service at the food pantry.
It was good. We wished all the Chinese people who came in a happy new
year! They loved that! Then we went to see G. but she was at a
doctors appointment. So we waited and waited to see C. We had a
quick lesson with her about the Book of Mormon and she's excited to
read it! So that's awesome! Then we went to dinner at Souplantation
with Sister R.. So nice! It was a long evening then trying to find
people to teach.

Thursday was good. We had a great district meeting and we were
supposed to talk about iPads but it turned into talking about the
atonement. Which was needed! The atonement is a gift that I personally
take for granted a lot. It is so amazing that we have Jesus Christ to
help us through every struggle! Physical, spiritual, emotional,
everything! Then we had lunch and opened packages and letters from
friends and family! It was great! Then as we walked back into the
relief society room to get out things I opened the door and I saw a
lizard!!! It ran across the room and hid and we weren't able to find
it! Its tail was so long though! It was gross!! Then we went to see
G. It was a good lesson. Then we went to find some people and
then had dinner then went finding again. We didn't have much luck but
at the bus stop we talked to an Armenian guy. We gave him our number
and invited him to church. He ended up calling us the next day jus to
talk! Haha it was pretty funny. He asked us how work was going and our
day and so we realized he was more interested in us and not in our
message so we invited him to go to a baptism with us on Saturday and
church on Sunday. That didn't happen. It was pretty funny! He wasn't
all there when he called! Haha! Thursday night we met a crazy guy who
said he saw the devil in the trees when he was younger. Yeah..drugs
and alcohol are bad for you... It was interesting!

Friday we went to the church and planned. We missed our bus first so
we had an early lunch then went to the church. Planning went well. But
we were both kinda grumpy and tender mercy! We were on the bus and I
made eye contact with this guy in the back of the bus and he asked me
to get the girl next to me...aka Sister A. Phew had a giant
bottle of alcohol with him and was drinking it on the bus so I
thought, "oh this'll be interested. So I got sister Argueta and this
is their conversation...
Guy: how old are you?
Companion: umm I'm 20...
Guy: baby, you have a beautiful smile!
Companion: umm... (Leans forward to see him more)...I'm a missionary
for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!
Guy: that makes things better! when you turn 25 I'm gonna be chasin
you around the block!
Companion: umm when I'm 25 I will be Long gone!
Or at least something to the extent of that. It was so funny!! But do
not be deceived, it wasn't creepy it was just funny! He was just
paying her a nice compliment. The whole bus was laughing! It was
pretty embarrassing for sister A. but we laughed about it for the
rest of the night. The. We went to dinner at Los Tacos with a couple
from the Ward and the elders. It was pretty funny! We went home a
little early because we had young women from the la crescenta stake.
We got two girls from the Philipino Ward. They're super nice! They
slept over to spend the next day with us until 4.

Saturday was full of miracles! The mini missionaries brought us so
many miracles! It was great! We talked to 15 people with them! And got
2 new investigators! One of the girls just started coming back to
church the Sunday before! It was so great to help her strengthen her
testimony! She's so sweet! It was fun! Then we went out to find less
actives. The bishop gave us a list of men in their 30s for us to go by
because "men react differently to young ladies than young men" in
other words:
12 Now there were many that would not leave them, but had rather stay
and perish with them. And the rest left their wives and their children
and fled.
13 And it came to pass that those who tarried with their wives and
their children caused that their fair daughters should stand forth and
plead with the Lamanites that they would not slay them.
(Mosiah 19:12-13)

But it was good! We met one guy who is a cinematographer for ninja
warriors and has friends that are nominated for oscars...pretty crazy!

Sunday was good! We sang in the choir and then went to a primary class
to tell them what we do and that was very entertaining! They're so
funny! It was very rainy! We were walking to our dinner and we were
drenched! A car started slowing down by us and I jokingly said out
loud to sister A., "can I give you girls a ride? Yes we would
love that!" Then we hear the lady in the car say, "Can I give you
girls a ride?" It was such a blessing! It was so nice! She is from the
Christian Science church. Dinner was good and then we contacted a
referral and went finding more. It was a good, wet night.

Monday we had zone conference! It was so good! It was exactly what I
needed! Next week we have a mission conference next week to talk about
iPads with an area 70 and people from the mtc! It'll be super good!
Then we had dinner and went to a lesson with N. and set her with a
baptism date for April 4th! It was so good!

Well, I love the mission and everything I'm learning! Thank you all
for everything you do to help me!

Love, Sister Riches

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