Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Just the Typical Week of a Sister Missionary.

Hello all!!

So I don't really remember what happened this week.

Tuesday we had a good less active lesson with e. All about prayer.

Wednesday was long. We did service and then saw G. She's so nice!

Thursday was okay, we didn't have district meeting cause of the zone
meeting. It was a long day....all of our lessons cancelled. We met a
lady at the park and that was an interesting conversation. We gave her
a plan of salvation pamphlet because her husband died a few months

Friday was also kinda long. It was a pretty crazy day. The lady from
the park called us to tell us all the things that were wrong about the
plan of salvation. She pretty much just called to save our souls. She
wasn't very open, it was sad! we said hello to a lady at the bus stop
and she started yelling at us and calling us him and unprofessional
and inadequate and so I said okay well sorry have a nice day and she
said that was done that was stupid that was so dumb why do you say
that and then sister A. affirmed she was imperfect and then the
lady got mad and yelled at her saying that was condescending! It was
sad. Then sister A. said hello to another lady who looked at her
like she was crazy and then we got on the bus and the lady who was
sitting near sister A. got up and moved away. But we were able to
talk to three people on the bus! So that was good. All the time the
first Lady I talked about was probably fuming! Then that night our
referral dropped us. But a member asked if they could take us to get
frozen yogurt and so that was good!

Saturday we did service with the youth conference it was fun we helped
people get rid of big trash items! It was so fun! Then we taught
S., a new investigator. She doesn't want to come to church because
she is Catholic. After then we went and saw C. Then we went to
see A. and that went well and then we went to dinner. Went to dinner
with A. and we went to relive the good Mexican restaurant. And
then we had a church tour with a guy that we met on the bus. Pretty
crazy last week he asked us on the bus if we want to tattoos and then
we invited him to church and he excepted. And then we thought that our
member got kidnapped but everything turned out okay.then we went home
and planned our lesson for the next day at church.

So some crazy stories for the week... Today we went to Goodwill
there's a man who summer name tag and he asked me what my name was and
I said the stretches I'm missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ
about it isn't and then he playing Winchester riches came approach me
I felt the Holy Spirit come upon me and I felt like preaching this
images from the Latter Day Saints he said this all vere you preaching.
Was pretty funny. Earlier that day we are riding the bus E. some
interesting people got on and that was also pretty funny. Lady asked
if anybody knew where the stop was and another lady who looked
homeless said that she thought it was coming up shortly and then the
lady and her accent was like girl you know what you're talking about
can I come sit next to chu!? The lady answered and said no and then
the other lady said oh girl I respeck that I respeck your space! All
the time waving her hand in the air! Sister are going to started
laughing other crazy lady in front of us started laughing at her
laughing And then offered us a dollar bill.

I also got hit in the face playing soccer today and it hurt...I'm okay though.

It was a pretty decent week. Oh! Sunday was great! We had four
investigators at church! The guy we took on a church tour was there
and then a member brought three of her friends who we will be meeting
with later this week! It was awesome! Fasting and prayer works!

Well, I love you all have a good week!

Love, Sister Riches

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