Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Find Him, Because He Lives

Hello All!

This week has been awesome, crazy, and tiring!

On Wednesday we had a good lesson with a recent convert who taught FHE on Monday! We shared because He Lives with him. Then we went on exchanges. I stayed in azusa with Sister T. and sister w. went to Covina. 

Thursday morning when I woke up I was not feeling well. I had stomach pains and I felt so weak so I texted sister w. what was going on and she said she was experiencing the same thing! So I rested until about 3pm and I had a temp ranging from 98 to 99.7 throughout the day! We taught three lesson and had a member dinner so it was great! Then we exchanged back. The elders also brought me some sprite and Gatorade! It was so nice!

Friday we slept in cause we were so sick! We woke up at 9 and went to a meeting with the high councilman over missionary work with the other missionary leaders in the stake and then we came home a died again until 6pm when we left for a lesson. It didn't help it was so hot outside! We had two lessons then went on exchanges with the YSA sisters! Sister B. who is brand new came with me in Azusa. 

Saturday I felt better! Still a little weak but was then super congested! We did service for a member helping to clean out an old house they inherited and it made me gag so many times but it was so fun to help them! Then we got ready for he day and age lunch and then studied and then went to the women's conference. I was able to help her with some things she has been struggling with being new to the mission and that was so nice! Sister w. and sister H. picked us up and took us to the conference and then we stayed together for the rest of the night till we exchanged back. We went to dinner at Marie calendars and a member bought our dinner. We joined a group of 6 members who went there after the conference it was so nice! Then we exchanged back! :) 

Sunday was pretty good. I was dying! My head was so congested and it was so hard to look happy and alive at church! But it was okay. I went home after church and slept. Then we went to our dinner with the bishop and his family and then we got ready to do exchanges again! I went to Claremont!!!! It was so great! They live with the Z's now, I love them!

Monday I pretty much had no voice! We went out and worked! I loved it! We saw the H's and helped them out around the house. And sister A. gave us a ride down there so I pretty much saw all my favorite people! The H's have been in and out of the hospital so it was good to see them. Sister H. started to cry when she saw me it was so sweet!! I love Claremont, it is seriously home to me! Then we saw Sister S. and she loved seeing me! It was so sweet! Then we saw the z's, S. and c. That was such a good lesson! They want to be baptized which is such progress from when I served there! Socorro wanted to baptized but c. was wishy washy and J. is coming to it. And then we saw one of their investigators and taught him then went and Sister m. She's so sweet, she was excited to see me too! I love this Ward! Then we had dinner with the Z's and then went finding and just talked as we walked together. Then we exchanged back!

Today we went to the la temple! It was great! We almost didn't make it! We set the alarm to wake up at 3am and we were supposed to leave about 3:40 to pick up the sisters to take them to the church at 3:45 to get there by 4 and leave at 4:15. So sister w. felt like she needed to get up that it was past 3 but she was like no it's not the alarm will go off and then she heard it vibrating and she looked and it was 4:10!!!! She screamed sister riches get up its 4:10!! So I jumped out of bed- were in bunks and I'm on the top and I pulled my pony tail out and started throwing my pjs down and rushed to get ready and sister w. was talking to the sisters and they said the van we were meeting was going to pick us up at our pad so we rushed and got ready in 15 minutes! And sister w. felt terrible she started crying on the phone with the other sister cause we didn't want to miss the temple! Then on our way to the temple we thought we were going to the 6:30 session but turns out we were trying to make it to the 5:30 session and we got off the freeway at 5 and the sister driving us said if you miss the 5:30session don't wait for the other session go do initiatories or something. This like killed us cause it is sister w's last time going to the temple and she goes home in 4 months so it was this time or later and I didn't really care cause I can go in three weeks and so I was praying even harder we would make it on time and we did! Prayers are answered! I started praying we would make it when my feet hit the floor this morning and didn't stop till we were in there sitting down waiting for the session. It was so great! Then we hung out with the Claremont sisters and napped and shopped and emailed and went to 21 choices and frozen yogurt place and contacted these two awesome girls! 

Well I love you all! And go watch Because He Lives! At helives.mormon.org! It's amazing! I know Christ lives and because he lives we can have his help no matter what! 

Love, Sister Riches

PS. For anyone who can make it, my farewell is April 19th at 6pm at the church building on 614 W Foothill Blvd Arcadia, CA 91006. It's where all the missionaries going home bear their testimony and everyone can be invited!

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