Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Death in Azusa

Hello All!

This week has been pretty crazy! I don't even remember what happened
this week. Let's see...

Monday we went on a hike and it was awesome! I think I wrote about it last week?

Tuesday we did some service for a person we met on the street and it
was a really good day! We visited with a less active- G. and that
was nice. Her son joined us. Then we saw E. in the evening and that
was great, I love her!

Wednesday we did service at friends in deed. It was really good. Then
we went to a lesson and taught C. He is golden but we're going to
have to pass them off to the elders. Sister G. came with us and
she did an awesome job. we only had a little bit of time because he
was late but it was really good. We then had dinner at the H's and
it was really good. Then we went to go find some less actives.we ended
up visiting with C. - a less active- and that went well she's
really sweet we just talked and friendships do her.

Thursday was all right. We had district meeting and it was good. I was
really overwhelmed about how little time I have left on my mission.
We then went to see a less active and she's awesome. We then went and
did service for this lady we met on the street and read mail to her.
She asked us about our church and were able to talk to her a little
bit about the restoration. It's been great to use service as a finding

Friday we did weekly planning. That went well as always. all of our
lessons canceled and so We went to go see G. again. The elders
gave her a blessing on Thursday night. Then we went and saw N. We reset 
her with the baptism date of April 18. That was really good
we're able to get to know her a lot better.

Saturday was a long day. We had breakfast at the G's and then
went to the C's and finish studies. And then we had lunch with
them. Then we went to see our investigators but no one was home. So he
went to the park and we contact this lady who was in the middle of a
big patch of grass. And it was awesome she is Christian and she knew
the meaning of the atonement and she believes that Christ is the son
of God does not believe in the Trinity. There were so many
similarities between our beliefs and hers. She's awesome. We then
talked to a guy who is flying his drone around the park is was pretty
crazy. Then we went to dinner with D. M, We went to panda in and
it was really yummy. We had shrimp and neither sister A. or I
like shrimp but it was really good it was honey almond Shrimp. It was
like dessert!

Then Saturday night we were planning and then sister I. called at
9:05pm and asked if we had gotten a call yet. Transfer calls start at
9pm! We hadn't so we asked her to wait to tell us the news. Turns out
that the assistants called us and I'm transferred to AZUSA!! 5 weeks
left and I'm going to Azusa to die there (aka finish my mission) and
I'm a sister training leader which is the equivalent of a zone leader
except were over all the sisters in 3 zones. We have 12 sisters we're
over. Im companions now with sister w. who also was trained in
Azusa and came back! Crazy!

Sunday was pretty good, we had choir practice then sacrament. It was
good. Said bye to people and the R's came! 4 investigators at
church! Which was awesome! Then we had lunch at the N's. They're
awesome! I love them! I'm going to miss the Pasadena Ward. Then we
went over to Claremont for M's baptism! It was such a good
baptism! She's so awesome! She bore her testimony after and she did a
wonderful job. I gave the talk on baptism. It was so great to see
everyone and to be there for her! Then we went to the Despedida. Sadly
we didn't make it in time for any of the testimonies but it was nice
to be there to take pictures and say bye to sister w, and Sister
K. Crazy to think I'm next!

Well, I'm here in Azusa and it's been good. It'll be great to be back!
I'm super excited!

Thanks for everything you all do! I love this work and I'm going to
work hard to the end!

Love, Sister Riches

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