Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Conference and EASTER!

Hello All!

Well, two weeks left! Crazy! Time flies!

So this week I wrote about the temple then later that night we went on
exchange with a set of sisters for three days. This isn't normal but
it went well. I ended up getting her sick which was sad.

So Wednesday we did the usual studies then went to the eye doctors for
the sisters no had her glasses fixed and then we went home and studied
the online manuals and then she rested a bit while I called members
and investigators in Claremont to invite them to my farewell. Then we
went and had tried to find a referral but their address didn't exist.
Then we went and saw A! It was so nice to see her! I was here when
she was baptized. She is since married and about to graduate high
school. Her life is pretty crazy right now. But it was so good to see
her and help her. We then had to bike a ways to dinner which was so
good then had correlation and then went to young women's and that was
fun to get to know the girls more. And then we took the online course
for missionary work and devices. It was good, they're teaching us
safeguards to use that can be applied after the mission to make sure
we are safe, smart, and protected online.

Thursday we had district meeting and that went well. It was about the
safeguards. Then we came back home and had lunch and the sister rested
some more and then we went and saw M. and had a good lesson with
him about covenant keeping using the stripling warriors and the anti
Nephi Lehis. It was really good. Then we went to dinner at the high
councilman over missionary work for the stake and he invited a less
active from our Ward and a friend. It was good! We taught about prayer
and shared because he lives and it went really well! Then we saw
another less active family I taught when I was here before! I love
that family so much! We share because he lives and talked about how
they can share it and be missionaries and we had an awesome
conversation about family history! It was good!

Friday we studied then the sister slept more before we exchanged back
cause she still wasn't feeling too well sadly! Then we went to her
place and Sister w. and I did weekly planning with them. We helped
them with things they needed like if they got stuck on what to teach
someone. It was good. My first time doing that. Then Sister w. and
I were companions again! We had to do some errands for some
missionaries near us and then we started our weekly planning cause all
our lessons fell through! We had a good member dinner! So that was
good! Then we had a good lesson with a recent convert about

Saturday was CONFERENCE! It was so good! In between sessions we went
to ihop for lunch then for dinner after the afternoon session we
joined the Spanish zone and had dinner at Denny's. We live with the
Hermanas so we were their ride home so we just ate with them. They're
awesome! It was fun! I loved conference! Everything on Saturday was
about marriage!!!! And everything the week before at women's
conference was all about marriage and motherhood. But it was so good.
I learned a lot about how I want to help my family be strengthened in
the gospel. Lots of good things to read up on and study when that
comes in my life. After all that we tried to finish planning and then
had a lesson with J. - a less active- and invited her to
conference and talked about questions she could come with and she
opened up a lot to us about things that were in her mind. It was good!

Sunday was conference again and EASTER! It was so good! I loved elder
Hollands talk! At first I thought it was about how the older son
sacrificed himself for the younger brother cause our older brother
Christ sacrificed himself for us but it changed and the younger
brother was there all the time. Just as Christ is always there for us!
He will always catch us if we start to fall! It helped me understand
and see the atonement better. Then we finished planning and had dinner
with the old bishop and then planned for the sisters and made phone
calls to their district leaders about how we can help them. Lots of
planning. It was hard to focus too with sitting for so long at
conference. But we did it!

Today we hung out with the Spanish sisters! It was fun I got my
haircut and then we went shopping! I got some cute new clothes! Now
we're just at the church chilling and writing! It's been good! Tonight
we go on exchanges yet again! But I love all that I learn from them!

I love you all! I know this gospel is true and I know Christ lives and
He loves us! He is always there for us! We need to find Him so He can
help us even more in our lives so we can receive more of the blessing
He has in store for us! The atonement is individual and infinite!

Love, Sister Riches

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