Monday, November 25, 2013

Dog Poop, Getting Lost, and Missionary Work

November 25, 2012

Hello family and Friends!

So let me explain the title! I swear, everyday I step in dog poop!!! This past week it has been at least 3 times! And then we have been chased by three white fuzzballs on three different ocassions! They sound like demon dogs!! Little tiny white fluffy demon dogs! Also watched big dogs like german shepherds jump out of their yard over the fence and chase others...yup pretty fun!! Oh and I've also gotten dog poop on my bike stuff! 

I'm rushed with time but here is something I really liked from this week...well learned from.

I learned something very interesting this week. As we had Zone Conference on Wednesday, President Becerra asked us to go out and find 3 people as our role play so we did. After we did we became lost, forgot our phone at the building and didn't know where to meet Sister Becerra. We were supposed to meet her at 12 and got dropped off 20 minutes earlier. We walked around thinking it's an unseen contacting moment but there was almost no one on the street and those that were were moving quickly or late for something. We asked many people where the library was where we were to meet Sister Becerra and got many answers and many that had no idea. Those that answered us gave confusing directions or did not match with others directions. We were offered a ride to the building by two older gentlemen but politely declined because that's against mission rules and kept going to find the library. We walked around there for a bit and found no one so we headed back on Foothill to the building around 12:30. We hoped Sister Becerra would see us. Around 1:00 We asked two ladies who were Jehovah Witness to borrow their phone but we could not remember any number that would help us out. They offered us a ride but we would have to wait for them as they went into the store to get something. So once again we politely declined. About 20 minutes later they drove up past us and offered again saying they were going in the same direction, so we agreed and finally got back. In this situation the phone represents prayers to Heavenly Father and the car represents baptism-the only way back to live with God again. There were many that tried to help us and gave us wrong information and there were many who had no idea just like us. This is the same with the gospel. There are many lost who some are searching but can't find it and some find part truths from other religions. But we as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are the only ones with cars. We are the only ones who can provide that way back to live with Heavenly Father again.

That is why I am needed out here on a mission at this time. To help all those lost souls come back to Christ through faith, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the End. 

I know this is the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and He is our brother and He loves us so much! I love this gospel and the happiness that it brings everyone!

I love you all and thank you for all your prayers and support!! 

Sister Celeste Riches

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