Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Take Action

Nov. 12, 2013

 I love getting your emails and letters! They are all so helpful and keep me motivated knowing I have so many people supporting me!

This week we had a lot of meetings so the missionary work was a little weak due to being in so many meetings. This frustrated me a little but I learned a lot and it'll all help me learn to be a better missionary! Along with a lot of meetings not a lot of people have been home this week to teach. but it's been really good to contact and help others on the street. There are a lot of people in this city who need help and need God in their lives. I got a bike this week! It's a really pretty white bike and I love it!

We had new missionary orientation on Wednesday and that was nice. Learned a lot about what our purpose is here which is to baptize monthly!! On Thursday we had zone meeting and then went out for sushi afterwards. That was nice to get to know the other missionaries in our zone. 

We had a couple good lessons with a Less-Active family this week and they're really nice people. We had an awesome experience with a family we are teaching. So on saturday we went over to talk to them and L. was home but E.(her son) was not. This was good enough becasue no one else had been home on saturday we were trying to teach. As we were teaching L., we kept trying to commit her to a baptism date but the spirit wouldn't let us becasue E. was not home. We were able to get a return apointment for sunday and went over. They were not home so we called them and they were 3 minutes away so we waited. We talked for a bit then did a cool object lesson for E. that we did for L. the night before about the Holy Ghost and Baptism. As we discussed that we asked them to be baptized and they said yes-they've been asked before so this wasn't a surprise. Then I told them that we were holding a baptisimal service on December 1st and if they would prepare themselves to be baptized on that day. THEY BOTH SAID YES!! They understand they are not ready now and they want to continue learning more which is great! We then had a really good talk about Joseph Smith. It was awesome! I love being a missionary and inviting others to come closer to Christ!!

Last week saturday, we met a guy on the street and taught him the plan of salvation. He started clicking everything together and it was awesome! Things we didn't tell him but what he was figuring out from his own studies and the spirit. We were not able to get in contact with him for a week and on Saturday he called us during companion studies and asked us when church was on sunday!! We told him where and when it was and then on sunday he came 15 minutes late but we were still waiting for him! He was able to be there for B.'s confirmation- she was the one to get baptized last week. The spirit was so strong when she recieved the gift of the Holy Ghost! I was so happy J. was there to feel that! He did not know that church was three hours and had plans after the first hour but said he would come back next week!! It was so cool to see how he liked church and wants to come again! I love seeing things click in the people we are teaching and helping them receive greater knowledge! I love it!!!!

Well on monday we woke up at 5AM!!! Yes before 6:30! Which is already early! We went and hiked the mountain we are at the base of with a big A for Azusa. It was really fun to go on a hike. It was hard but I learned a cool things to relate back to the gospel from the hike. I'll just have to sum it up. As I hiked the mountain it was HARD! I was sore and my muscles were definitely getting a work out! There were some rocks in my shoe and I had to take breaks every so often. But I had a goal of getting to the A. So as we walked I thought this is just like the gospel. We have the ultimate goal of returning with Heavenly Father. But everything in life takes action. We have to work for it! We have to go through hard things and trials and stumble to get to the goal. If they had put a escelator or ski lift on the mountain side people would miss the work out and the beauty of the surrounding area, the sunrise, and the smells of nature from the trees and flowers. They'd miss the animals and talking to other hikers. They would not gain those experiences. That's why we are not given things in this life. We have to work for them. So we can learn and grow. I hope that makes sense and is understandable. 

We taught a member group FHE and talked about our identity and I shared what I learned on the hike. It was a really good lesson and we were definitly teaching with the spirit!

I love you all and pray for you always!! Have a wonderful week!!

Sister Riches

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