Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Lost and Maybe Found

Hi again!

I forgot to write a few more fun stories from this past week!

On Friday night we went to contact in downtown Claremont and as we
were walking the streets we overheard a girl ask a couple sitting on a
bench if they saw her wallet there. They didn't. I wanted so badly to
find her wallet to give it to her. We were stopped talking to a less
active and then a group who we saw previously, obviously members
because they said hi sisters, they came up and gave us a wallet! It
was the girls! I was so excited so we went around trying to find this
girl who we saw no joke 5 minutes before!! We saw the couple and asked
if they saw where she went and they had no clue so we went searching.
As we were searching we ran into some former investigators. They
sweetest couple! They have us over for dinner occasionally and they
invite us over a lot but aren't interested in joining. But they had us
come sit with them as they are dinner but we told them we couldn't
cause we had to find the girl. There was a steel band playing and they
knew the group so they went up and had them announce the stolen
wallet and they gave it to a member of the city board who they were
also good friends with! So hopefully the girl gets her wallet!

Second lost and found story. Last night everything fell through and so
we were biking around a neighborhood and we were asked several times
by passing cars if we saw a little white dog walking around. Earlier
we saw a white dog a few miles away but it didn't match the
description very well. But we decided to pray and search for the dog!
We saw something cross the road and at the same time the owners drove
by and saw us searching with our bike lights. We searched but it
didn't show up. So we kept looking. We don't know if it's been found
yet or if the dog we saw earlier was it. But I guess it has been found
if there aren't any signs posted around.

So just a few more fun stories! Nothing to exciting came from the
outcome that we know but hopefully something does!

Love you all!
Sister Riches

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