Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Miracles and Enthusiasm

Hello Everyone!

This week was a pretty good week! We had some amazing lessons on
Monday night! I can honestly say it is up there on one of the best
days on my mission! So ewe went over and did facials with one of the
ward missionaries and had lunch with her and her family. They're the
best!  Then we came home and finished emailing and I took a 30 minute
nap and then it was off to dinner and then our lessons. We taught the
new family we picked up and we were so nervous to teach them the
restoration. We talked about it and studied for it but we felt SOOO
nervous! We went in chatted for a bit then had a prayer and did the
how to begin teaching points and we mentioned if they have any
questions to please ask us! So right off the bat the husband asked us
to explain further why God allows bad things to happen to good people.
So this discussion led perfectly into the plan of salvation! It was
incredible, they understood and their questions were just restating
what we told them. Just an example, "so after we live here we die then
we go to the spirit world where we learn more, then what!?" It was
perfect. After we taught them about the kingdoms of glory the husband,
who was on the edge of his seat, leaned back and relaxed and said,
"that's such good news!" It was amazing! He asked if his wife or
daughter had any questions and his wife said "nope, I believe it all"!

THEN! We went to our next lesson with our investigator who is
agnostic. She's on a search to find God. We had an awesome discussion
on who God is and what He does for us and some signs He is there. Like
the complexity of the human body. We showed her the new Mormon message
"the hope of Gods light" about an agnostic man who finds God. It was
perfect! And we testified it was true and related it back to Joseph
Smith because she said something she was feeling which sounded just
like what Joseph Smith said and she got teary eyed, this happens a lot
when we talk about finding an answer and God, and she said, "I think I
know God is there," she paused with tears still in her eyes and
continued, "I know God is there!" And she chuckled a bit and was so
overwhelmed. It's amazing how the spirit works over time to help us
understand simple truths. I know the only way she came to this
conclusion is because she has real intent and is truly searching for
an answer. And she has a sincere heart! It means a lot to her! It was
incredible! Now she's praying to ask God what religion to join.

The rest of the week was good, taught a total of 16 lessons, had a lot
fall through. Had 5 investigators at church as well as a less active
who we experienced the possum story with and this was her third time
to church in a few years! Did lots of service for a nonmember and
helped a sister paint her parents house and helped the relief society
clean the building. We tried finding new investigators and have an
appointment with another family Friday who we knocked into to ask
about their neighbor. Dropped a few investigators because they aren't
progressing and then we tried to set a few baptism dates. So this week
will be awesome!

A few more highlights is one of our investigators got a blessing and
it was so good for her. She's going through a lot of family problems
and she was able to vent and talk with a couple from our ward who
helped her so much! We also had an awesome district meeting it was all
normal until the last 30 minutes where we all just started talking and
getting tons of ideas and getting really excited about the work that
will happen in our areas! We plan to go to everyone's area and write
Mormon.org in chalk everywhere and to help find people in everyone's
area. It'll be awesome! We talked about being more enthusiastic in the
work and being excited. So we tried this with an investigator of ours
and it worked! It got her more excited and the light of Christ was so
much stronger in her!

Cool story of the week, well another one. Earlier in the week we were
riding our bikes said hi to a lady and I felt the impression to go
back and talk to her by the time we got back she was at her front door
walking in. I felt way awkward to go up to the door as if we stalked
her. So I prayed we would see her again. A few days later we saw her
again! But we were late to an appointment. However, I was in a mood
and not excited and I could feel myself getting down so I pulled over
and said a prayer. Then I felt like we needed to go back and see the
lady! So we did and we knocked and knocked and no one answered. So we
went to our lesson and it was the previous be excited and light of
Christ grew story that I just previously mentioned then we went back
after the lesson. She answered the door this time. We explained how we
were missionaries and we felt impressed to come and talk to her. She
found it odd because she is carry strong in her Christian church but
was very thankful and we talked a little more then asked if we could
give her our card and we asked what her favorite story of Christ was.
She said it was the woman with the issue of blood which is my
favorite! So I was so excited and shared a few new insights I learned
about the story with her, I'm glad she shared my enthusiasm because I
retold the whole story which she knew but it was nice. Hopefully
she'll take the lessons someday!

I'm so thankful for this gospel and the truths that we have! I'm so
thankful to be a missionary at this time to help others come unto
Christ. And I'm so thankful for the peace the gospel brings to my life
and others! I know this is the restored gospel and all we have to do
to receive the blessings God has in store for us is to act on Christ's

Love, Sister Riches

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