Monday, September 22, 2014

Sparkle Plenty!

Hi Everyone!

This has been a pretty good week! It's been so hot here! I'm so ready
for 'fall'...70-80's.

Monday we did some good finding. Didn't have much success but it'll come.

Tuesday we had a lot of lessons fall though because people don't like
to meet when it's hot. Silly. We had a good lesson with Shawn. We
taught her about the word of wisdom and she loves her coffee but
understood the importance of giving it up so she's weening herself
off! We had a good dinner where Nikki was able to come and so we had a
good dinner thought with them. Then we went down to our next
appointment and it was cancelled so we stopped by a less actives house
and that was an interesting experience. We were kinda weary at first.
She said she is no longer Mormon and she left the church. We asked her
why she did that and she invited us in and gave us a tour of the house
then we went to her converted garage and she said, so you had a
question for me. So we asked again. She used to be so active,
graduated seminary and almost graduated institute. She found some
information on Joseph Smith and Brigham Young that made her question
if they were prophets of God. We talked a lot about our different
views on things. Grace, plan of salvation, baptism. It was a good
discussion and she believes in God and Jesus Christ. She is now
evangelical Christian. She was shocked that we were not there to
convert her but that we were there to invite her to come closer to
Christ. She was kinda manipulative and tried to catch us in our words.
But it was a good test of our testimonies and why we are out here. We
are pretty sure her main intention was to shake our faith.

Wednesday we had Zone Conference!!! So good! They focused a lot about
why we are here and our purpose. It was great!  It was fun to be with
two other zones. It's crazy how much the mission has changed since
I've been out! All the 'Pre-Hastening' missionaries have gone home.
(Pre-age change). Wednesday night we had a good lesson with he
Bugarin's about the Book of Mormon! We brought their 5 year old
daughter a children's Book of Mormon and the mom loves it! She said
she might read that one instead and we said that's fine! It was really
good! We brought a sister from the Ward that is perfect fellowship!
She bore such powerful testimony and clicked with them. It was great!

Thursday we feel so good but we were able to take a quick nap and go
out and work! We had a few less active lessons and another lesson with
Shawn. We talked about plan of salvation. It went well. Later we
watched the restoration with Kim and saw Sister McGarey. Sweet lady!
Not a member but her and her husband are so nice to us and love the
missionaries! We invited her to the women's broadcast this Saturday!
So excited!!

Friday we weekly planned and had a lesson with Erwynnda about the Book
of Mormon at the relief society presidents house. It went okay, they
best part was when the relief society presidents son bore strong
testimony of the Book of Mormon. The main purpose Erwynnda is meeting
with us is to understand our perspective so she can best help her
clients. She's going to school for family therapy. Later we had a
lesson with Linda and just read from the Book of Mormon to help her
understand it. And I saw the biggest dog ever! It was a mastif and I
swear it is the size of a Shetland pony! It's just like the giant dog
from the sandlot! It was crazy! We also had a meeting with our Ward
mission leader about the less actives. Our mission president has made
it a point for us to visit the less actives and help them return to
activity and in the process teach their family and friends! We're
excited about this!

Saturday was good. We did some service for the Zollingers- the couple
we live with. Then we had a less active lesson then did some facebook
then did some finding then had a good lesson with Shawn about church.
After dinner we tried to have a few other lesson but they fell through
so we saw Missy and her boyfriend joined us. Missy taught us about
repentance. She always does such a good job! Then we had a continued
meeting with our Ward mission leader.

Sunday was a good day! Church was good, sadly we only had Erwynnda
show up, and then we had lunch at the Anderson's, our adopted parents,
then did studies and then had a good lesson with a less active lady up
the street from us. I met her my first day in the area and hadn't seen
her since! Crazy! I was Sister Thatchers mission age when I first met
her! Haha I've been here a while! Then we had dinner with the
Zylstra's! I love them so much! The spirit in their home is so strong!
Brother Zylstra's mother and father just moved in next door so Grandma
Zylstra was over for dinner too. She is so sweet!! She told us we
brought the sweet spirit with us and our eyes sparkled so much, she
told us to keep spreading that and to "Sparkle Plenty!" I loved that!
So sweet! Then we had a good FHE with the Padilla family then a good
first lesson with Dashay! She is so sweet and we are so excited to be
teaching her! And later her kids! It was a good day!

I love you all and thanks for all your support and love! It means so much to me!

Love, Sister Celeste Riches

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