Tuesday, September 30, 2014



This week has been a pretty good week!

Monday was good! I got a good nap and we went shopping in downtown
claremont. Then we went to dinner and after went to ANOTHER DINNER!!
Two dinners in a row! Our second dinner was with investigators, we
told them we already had a dinner but we could do dessert, I thought
that was clear...guess not, luckily my prayers were answered and I
didn't get too full and I was able to eat everything.

Tuesday was awesome! We taught some really good less active lessons!
They were each so willing to learn  and enjoyed it all. In one with
B., she is coming back to church because we helped with service
and she found a large print bom her mom left her and she took it as a
sign so we read parts of the bom with her and she loved it! She was so
excited and it was such a great lesson! Very fun. We then had a good
lesson with M. about prayer. All our lessons today were led by the

Wednesday we went out to find less actives. We found a guy who is so
ready to come back to church! And we had a few other lesson that we
were guided to! It was good. We then had a bomb lesson with one of our
investigators, S. We talked about baptism the whole time and she
said she knows she needs to be baptized and has no doubts about what
we are teaching her! It's amazing! She's so golden!

Thursday we had a great district meeting! I love our district! We then
went to find more less actives and had a dinner lesson then ward
missionary meeting. It was good! I love this ward!

Friday was good. We did some service for the Z.s- the people we
live with. And then did weekly planning and that went well! We had a
lesson with M. about individual worth it was cute! We gave her a
mirror that had D&C 18:10 on it and some jewelry. We then had a lesson
S. She forgot so we just talked for a little bit and we were
there for about 30 minutes so we could've easily had a lesson! But the
house was noisy and the kids kept interrupting so it was okay. She
also told us she's glad we got to chat but next time she was to just
study! And really study! So that's good expectations!

Saturday was good. It was a bit slow. We did service and helped the
H's clean their windows and move their living room around. I love
them! Then we had a lesson with K. about prophets. Then we went to
get sushi for lunch and then had a lesson with S. and she was
having a hard day. She is a counselor for suicide and one of her
"kids" committed suicide on the phone with her 10 minutes before we
got there. So sad!!! So we took her with us to the women's conference
and she loved it! She said she needed the distraction and she
committed to come to church! It was so good. We took her on a tour of
the church and the spirit was so strong! That night I got a call
saying i was being transferred to Pasadena!

Sunday was hard. I was able to make it through sacrament without
crying...too much. And then gospel principals with our
investigators,ward missionaries, returning members, it was bad. We
were all such a mess. I feel like I'm leaving home again. I have a
family in that ward and it's hard to leave. There were sisters who
cried that I was leaving that I never thought cared about me...sad to
say but true. It was very touching! I'm glad I was able to help so
long in that part of the Lords vineyard. The rest of the day we made
visits to members to say goodbye and thank you. I love them all! I'm
gonna miss Claremont but I am so excited to move on and move forward!

I love you all! Have a great week!!!

Love, Sister Riches

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